Dwarf program change index numbers

Hey , does anyone know how to display or even edit the index number of a pedalboard? The process of switching pedalboards in a live setting is just too many button presses, so i need to do it via midi. They need to have sequential index numbers so i can increment through the set. Any ideas?



You can do that via banks, see MOD Web GUI User Guide - MOD Wiki

When the unit receives MIDI program messages (and this feature is activated), the pedalboards loaded are from within the active bank.

Just organize things as you wish from the bank view and make sure to load that bank before sending MIDI program messages.


Have you successfully done this on the dwarf? I did try that but it still loads pedalboards outside of the bank. If i knew the specific program numbers then i could work out how to send those. Kinda need to know them anyway tbh

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Just to say, I got this working fine in the end. Just needed some tweaking on my novation controller


Great news!
I was waiting to have a bit of time to set up a mini test for this.
Glad that you managed it before :wink:

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With the DWARF I tried but in any case all the pedalboards are numbered and not just those in that bank. I mean if they are recalled via midi with Program Changes. Honestly this thing is wasting me a lot of time besides the fact that it doesn’t work. I made some sequences and I want the sounds to change automatically without having to recall them with my feet, I already have to call the sequences.

Is it possible to have the exact numbering of each pedal board? Also numbering of each Bank? and being able to recall everything via program change?

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Do you by any chance have the web gui open while trying to change pedalboards through MIDI?

The bank and pedalboard navigation through the device is blocked while the web gui is open, as then there can easily be conflicts of who loads the pedalboards (typically called a “race condition”).
This means the active bank is always “all pedalboards”, which you cannot reorder.

In order to make sure the ordering of the pedalboards is going to be loaded correctly (through a bank you created), you need to:

  1. disconnect from the PC (or close the web gui browser tab)
  2. use the device menus to load a bank
  3. send a midi program message

obviously the midi program channel needs to match what is set on the device settings to load pedalboards.

I just tried it here, it does work as intended.
So this is likely just some small misunderstanding or configuration thing.


Thank you for replying, I try to explain in the video what happens and I apologize for my bad English, however I wrote something. Please note that the GUI is not active and that DWARF receives MIDI messages during programming. I use an iPad connected via a USB HUB and the software is Camelot. Let me know what you think, I just wish I could work with what you see on the video.

I would say that sometimes you have other sound because of the order of the snapshots or the order of the pedalboards in banks that you define.
If you change the order on any of this the program change message number that changes it will also change.

Please what’s the solution? In this case I am not using snapshots but only pedal boards. Is there a way to make the number of program changes recall the sound I want without any problem?

In the future I would also like to use a pedal board and only change the snapshots, but this is another thing and the aim would be speed. In addition, for each song I may still need different pedals. (but I repeat it is another matter).


The solution is to not change the order in banks.
I still can’t get the full scope of the issue (maybe something lost in translation). But if using program change messages to swap between pedalboards you re-arrange the order of the pedalboards on the bank’s view, it will also change the program change numbers that are used to recall those pedalboards.
The order of the program change to swap either between pedalboard or snapshots is determined by its order on the list.
For example, the pedalboard on position 10 on your banks list will use program change 10 to load it. If you re-arrange the list and put a different pedalboard on position 10 it will load that pedalboard.

maybe I have not explained, the dwarf is recalling sounds randomly not respecting what I have programmed.

For Song # 1, I’m using two pedal boards and it’s calling them up. For Song n.2 I use a third pedal board and also send a program change for snapshot but in this case it does not recall the sounds. I specify that the sound 1, 2 and 3 (the one where I want to change the snapshot) are in the same BANK. Should I enter it in a different Bank and change it manually?

What I do is send program changes on channel 1 for the pedalboard and simultaneously on channel 2 for the snapshot. but in this case the sound is not recalled and I deduce that I am doing something wrong.

I’m kind of lost and maybe missing something really important.
But, to change pedalboards and snapshots using program change messages you need to use different program change messages and set them up on the settings of the Dwarf.
I want to better test what you are doing with a bit more calm, but I’m lacking right now a MIDI interface in front of me to do it.
Basically you need to define different program change channels (out of the 16 available) for pedalboards and for snapshots. Let’s say that you set the MIDI channel 1 to change pedalboards. For snapshots you need to set any number until 16 except 1, if not it will change both.

Yes, I’m doing as I wrote previously, channel 1 for the pedalboards and channel 2 for snapshots.

So, I finally managed to test this myself.
On the pedalboards side you should have no problems.
On the Snapshots you should also have no problems. Yet I need to leave a couple of notes here:
1st: don’t forget to save the pedalboard after creating and saving all the snapshots;
2nd make sure that you are using the correct program change channels and sending the correct values
3rd if the software that you are using considers the program change messages from 1 to 127, you must always add 1 to the program change value since the MOD snapshots start on the 0 (I hope that I’m not mistaken here, but maybe @falkTX can confirm if this is accurate).

Everything else should be working just fine.

you typically either have 0-127 or 1-128.
MIDI values only have 127 steps of resolution (unless using [N]RPN or pitchbend)

Thanks for the correction! I get always confused if it’s 0 - 126 and 1 - 127 or 0 - 127 and 1 - 128

Just remember it is 127 steps, no matter where it starts or ends.
Or in binary, 1111111 :stuck_out_tongue: (7 bits of resolution)


To me it sounds like the user is using a programmable MIDI device capable of sending multiple messages per trigger. While I’ve used PC msgs for navigating both in the past, I was wondering if there could be a race condition if the snapshot change is sent in serial with the pedalboard change. Was that something you tested? Is the MOD OS buffering MIDI messages while pedalboards are swapped?


Actually no. I didn’t test it simultaneously and it may be worth it. Regarding the buffer, I don’t really know the answer.
@falkTX do you know anything about this? I will just be able to test it again in 1 week.