Dwarf production updates wanted:)


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Hi @Cyril

Just a quick clarification on calendar and schedules.

We start shipping the units in April and keep doing it continuously along the year.

The date of June given to Indiegogo is a forecast based on:

  • the amount of ordered units and their position on the queue
  • our expected weekly output

For a first Mass Production batch, it is expected that we take at least 2 months to complete the first 1000 units. We have already surpassed the 1100 units mark, so it is expected that we only fulfill these final advertised units around late June.

Hope I helped clarifying :wink:


Thanks for the update. So the 798 kickstarter backers will likely receive their units by the end of may?


Some of them are actually already receiving (the ones who pledge for a beta unit).
As @gianfranco said, it will be a continuous process, so I would not say that ALL will receive it by the end of May. Some of them may receive it earlier even, some others a little bit after. I would say that in the planned scenario, by the end of May we may have 75% of those 798 backers.


I bought a beta and still haven’t received it so I doubt all kickstarter units will be out by the end of May unless they ramp up deliver by a huge, huge amount.

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I think the reason is that they are doing the beta units by themselves. The production batches should be outsourced and have a higher production rate.

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Oh of course. However, the original delivery date for beta IIRC was Oct 20. Now of course COVID changed everything but they are really very early in the beta process as only a small portion of those units have been delivered. Pretty sure the reason additional beta units have been delayed is to fix identified bugs in the first shipped beta units. As more beta users get units, more bugs will be discovered and all major fixes will need be applied to general production models prior to shipments. IMHO, May is way too soon to expect all Kickstarter units be delivered when we are into March and the beta has barely started. But I am on the outside looking in. So who knows. Maybe they absolutely will be able to exponentially speed up the process very soon.

These sentences are not so accurate. We already shipped over half of the beta pledges.
There was a bug found that delayed a bit the rest of the deliveries. We have the rest of the beta Dwarfs in the office and most of them have exactly the same bug.
The good news is that we already found the solution. Not so good news is that the solution is not yet applied to all of them (it’s being tested and working).
This may turn out to create an overload of work on the “fulfillment department” in the next weeks (or even days), which of course we are happy to have.


We are reaching the end of beta very soon btw, in terms of software.

v1.10 that ships with the dwarf is already out as Release Candidate, with most changes/fixes we need to do being related to ControlChain, not the dwarf.

By end of March we should have the Dwarf in sync with the other units in terms of releases.


My apologies, you appear further along than I guessed!

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I hope that the bug can be fixed via software updates for the dwarfs that have already been sent out. I would be interested in some more details here :-).

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All good :slight_smile: It’s faire to ask and get some clearance.
We admittedly are lacking a bit on the general updates about the Dwarf production state, but we hope to get a working solution on that very soon.

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Yes. The fix for the bug is being done using software :wink:

So you are saying you have completed devices sitting there waiting to ship because of a software update that the users who receive the devices could do when it’s available?

@Randalhicks, no I’m not saying that. The first part of the process when this bugs appear is if they can be solved in the software (so we need to be sure that this is applicable to all devices).
And in the other end, not all the software fixes are applicable on the users side.


Keep up the good work guys; really looking forward to updates on the indiegogo page (hint ;))

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…and only a couple of hours when I drop the ‘hint’, an update was posted. Class! :smiley: (rather coincidence but still… :D)

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Hi, I wanted to know when I should receive my Dwarf. My order dates back to August 29, 2020 (Contribution ID
211) Thank you

I think probably between Jul-Aug