Dwarf production updates wanted:)

Unfortunately not since we would need some permissions of the backers to publicly disclose their selections (I actually shouldn’t even answer directly here even if you directly ask since this is a public area). Anyway, I could find you on the second-tier list.

Thank you for understanding and for the continuous support. It’s also really frustrating on our side, but unfortunately it doesn’t depend just on us.

Thanks for the confirmation!

I was actually thinking about only the backing number and service (Kickstarter / Indiegogo), since that would be enough to resolve this question, but my personal need has been filled.

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Yes, backing number only would be great.

So are there any chances to get that list with those backing numbers in tiers? I don’t think you need any premisions since we as backers don’t know each other numbers.

However, such list would also reveal the amount of devices that have not been sent yet. I guess that at this point MOD might not want to be this transparent.

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I would say that no. I can’t see any benefit on that and will not make anything more or less clear or expected. As I already stated before, a lot of times we need to re-organize the list for a lot of different reasons. Just 3 examples:

  • When we got a bit later on tier 1, we started shipping the devices overseas first since those were going to take longer to reach the backers;
  • Then we had issues with the service of UPS and all the shipments to the US started getting stuck or in some cases even lost, so we decided to re-prioritize and start shipping to the EU in order to avoid these issues until we were sure that they were fixed on the UPS side;
  • When all of these got fixed we returned the shipments to the US until eventually, our stock of US plugs started to get low, so we planned a new re-supply. Yet, while normally this re-supply takes a couple of weeks, now (due to the supply chain world crises) it is taking a couple of months (hopefully). So we needed to organize the priorities again.

That is just a small example of many more variables, so I don’t really think that sharing any list or queue would bring any benefit for you and for us. I feel that it would cause rather the opposite.

Last but not least…

This affirmation is not so linear as you state it. It’s not even a matter of the backers knowing each other. It’s rather a matter of publishing something that allows in some way to identify people, connects with a lot of their personal data, etc. We are in the EU and the EU got really strict about this.


It’s not really a matter of transparency. We already stated that at this point we are roughly close to half of all the backers (Kickstarter and Indiegogo) having their devices shipped.
If we spend our time providing lists and super specific details this time will be taken immediately out of the time we are spending planning and organising the production, making the quality control and fulfilling your devices. So the delay will end up being even bigger. I’m personally not sure if you guys want that. We are a small team, fighting against huge problems that first were the restrictions to our own work caused by the pandemic and now all the supply chain issues. That’s the game that we are playing. If we add more bureaucracy on top of all of this we are just wasting resources and making this fight harder for us.


I missed this info, this is interesting to know.

Yes, I understand and agree, that it does not make much sense to put your energy here, especially since it would probably bring just more confusion and speculations - as you described in your answer to Vlad. That is actually where I was aiming with my previous answer, I didn’t intend to be negative. :wink:

As a craftsman, I can relate to this. My own business is in much smaller and way simpler scale, however this year I’m facing multiple issues with my suppliers as well.
Even replying to all the restless messages must be taking a lot of your energy, please note that it is much appreciated that you patiently do so. :pray:


No worries :slight_smile: We don’t take it as being negative or positive, we take it as a conversation that helps us getting things more clear and that is actually the most important. It’s normal that we forget some important informations to the backers or we take for granted that they are aware of X or Y situation. When you ask us to clarify we actually get an opportunity to fill up those gaps that we had. So no worries, you are actually helping. Now we just hope that other backers also read this and other informations.

Thank you! It’s with great pleasure, after all, I’m amazed for such a great community full of so many cool people that we have :slight_smile: Let’s really hope that either your business, ours, and all the others manage to sail nicely these trouble waters!

Thank you all for such great patience, continuous support and understanding!


Hello, can someone help in regards of power supply. I have misplaced it and need to find a replacement . I know we can’t power the mod through Zuma . Can someone redirect me to a third party power supply that works. I tried multiple and failed. Thanks in advance.

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Hi! From what I know there are multiple options. Some user found that the original adapter caused noise and replaced it with one that has similar specs, but is “double isolated”. (look for the "square within the square "sign on the device) I found this linkhttps://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202718051605 that some have posted, but I cannot confirm as I haven’t tried it myself. In the forum threads https://forum.moddevices.com/t/dwarf-noise-solved/6457 which discussed issues around mod dwarf and noise there seems to be a few examples of tested and tried adapters I was lucky enough to find two that works in the recycle station right outside my local electro shop. That usually where I go for older USB cables and such. People (in Norway at least) seem to have a very low threshold for throwing things. Good luck!

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The question remains only one: when the second tier will be shipped?

Hey @isaiasrosas212, anything that outputs 12V, 2A over a center-positive barrel-type plug should be fine and the same as the original. Check it out here.

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As I already stated here before, the second tier devices are already being shipped since a while. We are at this moment close to half of them shipped, but in the last weeks the shipments slowed down due to more issues with supply chain and production.
That said, they are continually being shipped, but at this exact moment in a way lower rate than we would like. We are still evaluating our the situation evolves in order to give a more accurate update. Meanwhile we keep shipping them. Pretty much for sure we are not finishing it until the end of the month, unfortunately, since with all this delays that is almost humanly impossible due to our structure and processes.

so we have to wait to december? second tier?

Have you been able to get more of the US plugs?

Again, not all because we keep shipping, just not at the rate that we would like. But eventually, the last backers will need to wait until December, unfortunately :disappointed:
But again, we are monitoring the situation and at the right time will release a new update in case we can’t avoid it.

Not really, we managed to minimize it here and there, but it’s still a problem to finish all the shipments since the re-supply is with a way to long waiting time.

Is the power connection on the Dwarf just a standard IEC? I’ve got plenty of those lying around. If so I’d be fine with receiving mine with no power cord in lieu of having to wait until the power cords arrive.

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I did say a while ago a similar thing - and would be happy to take it without the cable. I thought this would have helped but …