Dwarf production updates wanted:)

This is still up. It’s mainly extra plugins and discount codes for them.

He told you to PM him so he saves it to be done (he is the one taking care of it). He didn’t say that is immediately done, otherwise, a lot of stuff would not be done. @falkTX is a valuable and scarce asset for us. Unfortunately, with the current dimension of the company he (and all of us) need to multitask quite a lot.

We are keeping track of that and process them (manually still). Sooner or later it will be done and in case of any failure, you just need to ping us. Each backer can see the list of plugins that he/she will get either by the pledge that he/she backed or the extra offers we did.


Now all is clear and OK for this topic !



I am an Indiegogo backer who chose August/September. I am in the EU, in Czech Republic. I still haven’t received an email from UPS nor any package. Should I be worried, or has mine still not been shipped? My Indiegogo contribution ID is 385. If you’d sent me a package already, then there must be some issue.


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No worries at all.
Unfortunately, yours is one of those affected by the delays. We will ship it asap.
Thanks for your support and patience.


I’m guessing I am also one of the indiegogo backers that are effected by the delays. #329.

I’m of course anxious to get my hands on the new toy but my daughter is growing frustrated as I keep getting new pedals but none of them is the one “with all pedals inside it”.

with that said, I can wait as there aren’t any gigs lined up for me this year.
Just hoping the tracking number finds it’s way to me.


Yes. You are also in that group.
We are working on getting back to track asap. Hopefully, by the end of the month, all the tier 2 devices should have been shipped.
Let’s keep fingers crossed that everything runs smoothly.

I am No 754 and I also hope for soon dwarf offspring , even if I have called september as a sufficient delivery date out of consideration for the problem often mentioned by you,

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and this is a good news. It’s only 12 days :slight_smile:

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Yeah, anyway, that’s our goal and let’s keep cautious about that. At this moment we are back to the “bottleneck” on the factory outgoing numbers and still with US and UK plugs shortage.
Shipping boxes were re-supplied (finally) and our shelves don’t say that we will get tendinitis in our wrists to pack everything that is there fast.
But the shelves need to be filled up again with devices incoming from the factory and passing the QC process.


I know! You have alot of this questions🤣
I chouse option 3 (october/december).
Do you think there will be a delay for this option too?


Being super honest, looking at the number of devices and to these supply issues that sometimes look like a dripping tap, the most possible answer is that probably yes :disappointed: Now, let’s see how much can we minimize it.



Sorry if this has cropped up before. When did the survey for delivery changes come out? I know I filled it in and opted for the last delivery slot, but I can’t find anything in my mail about it (totally my fault btw). was it from the kickstarter email or another one?

No worries, all good :slight_smile:
I actually have everything really present on my head… :sweat_smile:
You have it on an email from Kickstarter from June 8th, Update 26


I’m wondering if things are still on track to the second group out by the end of October? I’m no. 648 and opted for the 2nd group. I’m hoping I will get shipping confirmation soon as I will be moving in the near future and I want to make sure that this precious cargo gets to the right place.

Do you have a ballpark idea of the time it takes to ship to the USA (East coast)? Depending on how long it takes and when it may leave your facility I might need to change my ship-to address.

Hello Clement,

Unfortunately not. All the supply chain delays left us with no margin right now to fill up that goal :disappointed:

I took a look in our database and that doesn’t seem to be correct. As far as I can see over there you didn’t really answer our survey. Are you sure that you answered the survey provided with Update 26? Please DM me if needed.

Regarding this, there’s no problem. You can DM with your new address and the date when you move and we will add all that info in our database so when we ship the device it will go to the right place.

Normally between 3 to 5 business days. Just the shipping. The rest, we can’t really predict now - actually even with shipments recently we had some issues with packages taking over a month to arrive in the US.

Thanks Jon,

I did fill out the Google form from the “Update 26” email and selected the 2nd group about a week or so after I received the email. I’m not sure why you don’t have record of this. Does this mean that I am now part of the 3rd group and have to wait even longer?


I’m also wondering if delivery for the second group is on the finnish. I’m no. 95 (Indiegogo), also opted for October group and now I’m afraid that my answer for the survey didn’t get to you. Could you tell me if im on the 2nd group in your database or should I wait till the end of the year?

That is really weird because in our system it says that you didn’t answer it.
Anyway, please DM and we can take care of the situation.

For backers not answering the survey that would be what we assume (that selected option 3). Anyway, let’s investigate what happened in your specific case.

We are indeed behind the schedule due to (more) supply chain issues. Pretty much for sure not all the devices from option 2 will be shipped before the end of October. Anyway, we will do our best to ship a few more and the rest ship them as soon as possible (considering what this means on these days).
Hope you understand.

Would it perhaps be possible to upload a list of the backing numbers of users in the remaining 2nd and 3rd somewhere? I’ve become a bit unsure based on the above messages if my response has been received or not and have not yet received any individual messages to either effect.

I realise that there are still delays etc. and the situation is frustrating all around.

#557 on Kickstarter, in Europe.

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