Dwarf production updates wanted:)

Hey Jon - is that a typo or are you NOT going to be able to keep with August September shipping ?

sorry I read that again - ignore . You’d think being english I could understand the language ; )


Well, it didn’t happen in June/July,
so I’m hoping it will happen in
or in September…?

As I mentioned here…

The June/July went late for a few backers (mainly the EU ones) due to a problem with a part of the Dwarfs coming from a supplier and that got stuck for a few weeks on customs. This caused production to stop. The problem was solved and the production re-starter on the last week. At this point, we hope to receive the new units tomorrow or Thursday and then we will run a shipping marathon to ship if not all, as many as possible.
The rest of the June/July slot is priority 1 as soon as the new devices arrive from the factory. Immediately after we will start shipping all the August/September ones.

Thanks, Jon!

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: I’m here to help :wink:

Hi, I’m an Indiegogo backer. How do I know if my order has been shipped? Will I be contacted by email via Indiegogo? Thank you

Is August/september has started or not yet?

For the Indiegogo pledges we can add the tracking number when we set it as shipped.
Unfortunately we are a bit behind that part of the process and some units were shipped last week, but not yet updated on the crowdfunding platforms. We will take care of that later today.
I believe that Indiegogo triggers an email with that info. If you don’t get any today, please DM me with your pledge number and I will check out if your pledge was shipped already and if yes, what’s the tracking number.

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Not yet. We are shipping still some of the last June/July ones.
We got a bit late due to the problem with the customs that caused a production stop.
Last week we actually fulfilled a lot of them after UPS pick up on Friday (many were picked up on that as well) and now they are at the door waiting for a UPS pickup today.
As soon as we finish all June/July pledges, we will immediately start with the August/September.

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Ok, thank you for the info!
Sorry but I’m new to the forum so I have no idea on how to send a DM :sweat_smile: How can I do it?

No worries :wink: Welcome to the forum, by the way.
Click on my username for example on this post and there’s a popup window with a “Message” button on the right.

If I click o the username can’t see the “Message” button… Maybe because I am a new user?

That was certainly the reason. I just updated your trust levels, so now you must be able to do it

Yes , now I see the button! Thank you


hey. I filled in the survey asking for June/July delivery as well. so far I have not heard anything. still aiming to send it “soon”?

Hello Cristophe,

Yes, unfortunately, the factory took a bit longer to ship us the devices than we first expected and they didn’t ship us enough units so we still need to catch up with a few EU backers. Let’s hope that they ship us enough devices so we can get it covered by the end of the week.
Thank you for your patience.


Is August/september has started or not yet?

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Hello Luke,
I believe that you mean the shipments of the second option.
We had delays from the factory and because of that are still finishing the June/July.
The transition will be smooth and hopefully next week we start shipping all the August/September.
We will really try to run so we can catch up on this so we don’t let it go longer than September.


thanks, no problem. You will add some extra paid plugins (over what was promised) and we will be all happy :wink:

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