Dwarf production updates wanted:)

Well, I received it this morning by UPS.
Without any delivery announcement, a chance I have not left Paris, and just before I leave for my journey to work
But the essential is that I received it as a kickstarter backer from march 2020.
The pedal looks good and solid but on the first and fast try with simply my PRS guitar into Dwarf then into my Blackstar HT-5 MkII, I get a permanent hum in the amp, especially in lead mode, even without the USB to my PC and Dwarf connected to same plug as the amp ??? I need to explore this, may be find a noise gate pedal amongst the one available if there one ? The PRS directly into the Blackstar does not generate any hum.
There are also some little aesthetic details on the buttons, and the box seems to have been re-opened and closed because the paint is very slightly chipped near the screws of the back, nothing very important.
God luck for the other backers, I enter learning mode.

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Could it be because of the ground loop, do you use anything to fix this?

Hi. When I use Blackstsr amps (both solidstate and tube amp), they often give me permanent hum. Which I happened to return 2 of those before. Have you consider plug in to your computer to try it in the recording application? If they are not generating noises there the pedal itself should be fine.

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That’s not the case of my amp, sorry.
I have the same result with my Hughes&Kettner.
Dwarf being connected to same group of plugs, with or without USB.
And I see I am not the only so I will stop any discussion about this in this thread not dedicated to it.

It’s might be a potential concern if this unit worth to talk about especially I’m receiving mine soon. I hope you find your solution soon. Thanks for bringing it up!

There are several other threads about this, one is
[solved] High noise level at all times
Others recent mentioning crackles everytime.

As you said, let’s keep this thread for production updates. There are other channels for frist impressions and problem solving. You will find some good advice in the threads like the one you posted where the issues have already been solved regarding hum. Regarding crackles, if you experience something like that then please make a recording and post it to the relevent topic as we have only seen a single case of this which has not been fully diagnosed but we believe it’s likely related to a particular plugin or the interface used for recording

As @jon said, the less time we spend here, the more time we have to ship devices out

So if you have an urgent issue related to shipping because you are moving or something else let us know, otherwise rest assured that we are working hard to ship them out as fast as possible

We will do our best to implement an automated notification system for shipping when possible but right now it feels more valuable to ship devices


On that…around more 20 should be picked up by UPS today :wink:


Great :slight_smile: Please share your experience with us here in the forum

Ho ricevuto comunicazione da UPS, arriverà domani e ne sono già felice. :slightly_smiling_face:


Perfecto :slight_smile:
Please share with us some feedback and even your first jams results with the Dwarf :wink:

P.S.: Although I personally understand it and it’s more of a personal message, please try to overall keep the language used on the forum the English one. This will help everyone here understanding each other.
Not a big probably anyway, after a nice pizza lunch at an Italian restaurant, it feels nice to read Italian :grin:

I’d also prefer getting a tracking code (recently 2 parcels to my address got lost or stolen because I wasn’t home and due to covid DHL doesn’t require a personal signature anymore) but I can understand it would mean a higher logistical effort for MOD.

This website lists some options to track an inbound delivery to your address without a code, you just need to create a UPS MyChoice account and add your address. Hope this works :tada:

Update: Seems to work. Just got the email from UPS about an inbound delivery from MOD, without requiring a tracking number :slight_smile:


We understand and will try to get the issue solved asap. It’s literally a lack of time to do everything.
Although it makes me even busier, if you really need it, feel free to DM me and I will write you the tracking number when created.
Not the optimal, but until we have the system in place is the best we can do. Now, please don’t overload my DM box, and please accept if I take a bit to answer :slight_smile:


Definitely want to shoutout to Jon locating my tracking information in dm and the countless active responses In here. Especially my relocation situation isn’t ideal.
My package is finally coming in today and I do want to say thank you again for your help!t


Thanks for the shoutout :slight_smile: It’s really kind of you. My job is just to help all of you, so that’s simply what I do. Sometimes it’s easier, sometimes not so much, but I assure you that I always try :slight_smile:


MOD Team keep up the good work. You’re doing amazing! I think you make a lot of people (the silent majority perhaps) very happy :blush:

It looks like production is stable and progressing well. Congratulations!

Do you think we are close to opening up the beta forum for the rest of us to see what’s been happening with the Dwarf?

I might be one of only a few greedy people, but I am desperate for more content to consume :wink:


Thanks a lot for your feedback! It’s really nice for all of us to read it :slight_smile:

Regarding the the beta forum, I will be honest with you, I thought that it was already done loooong time ago. But apparently there was an error and I didn’t really understand the message that it was giving.
Anyway, mistake it’s fixed and the beta forum is open for all of you to read :wink:


Thank you Jon!

Personally I think this will keep my desire to ask for updates away for at least another week :sweat_smile:

Looking forward to catching up and reading what’s gone on so far!



or September…?

What is exactly the question? August and September are two months for the second window of shipments. We have the last one a bit late because of a problem with customs, but at this point nothing shows us that we will not catch up with the second window on time and as planned