Dwarf lover

My Dwarf is the heart of my bass grooving, but also allows me to loop, and generate other sounds for the band using the soundfont plugins.
I’ve messed with other units (HX Stomp, HX Effects, Zooms) and none of them come close to the power, flexibility and stage worthy ruggedness of my Dwarf.
The only thing I feel it lacks are enough foot switches, an expression pedal and a decent tuner … but my rig is setup to address these minor niggles.

@gianfranco and team … thank you for this amazing device!

S’manth x


I can only attest to your praise. Please allow me to hijack this for some of my own, that I’ve been carrying around for some time now…

While some people seem to suffer from G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), I lean in the opposite direction: For every possible gear purchase I go through an almost painful process of “Do I really need this?”. And even afterwards I regret some of the devices I’ve bought: “Look at that thing. It cost money, it cost resources, and now it’s just laying around there and doesn’t make me happy!” (Maybe “Gear Acquisition Guilt” is a thing, too?)

This is not the case with the Dwarf.

Not for a single second have I regretted buying this device. Its very concept is brilliant, in my opinion. It does everything for me now and I am very confident that it will do so in the future, too, because it will grow with me. It’s already a great device today, but more than that it is potential. It might even increase its value over time.

The Dwarf also checks all the boxes for some other areas I find important: It’s compact. It runs on open source software. It’s even somewhat environmentally sustainable: It allows me to reuse existing hardware (e.g. old MIDI keyboard) while also eliminating the need to buy lots of physical equipment (amps, pedals, cables…!). I can experiment with any kind of effect with such great convenience. It saves space, money and resources.

I really feel that the Dwarf is the only device I will ever truly need.