Dwarf is perfect for: acoustic Instruments Pickup enhancement

Day 3 with dwarf, I just build my first yamaha e-violin preset with my own handmade Impulse responses for Body resonances and Microphonesound adaption… THIS IS HEAVEN. I guess I will be off for some days, just playing ;-).

F**k, I should sell these Impulse Responses, I guess they would at least work for all Yamaha Yev violins…

I made the experience, that not every IR loader sounds the same, but the one in DWARF sounds VERY VERY good. First I thought, there would be problems with hiss, but I found that to be adjustable with correct gain staging. Now it is perfect for live playing and I guess most people would say it’s an acoustic violin in a recording… Best thing: It is completely feedback-resistant in a live setting.


Did a gig last Friday with vocals and my Maton acoustic guitar. The guitar has a pre-amp that blends a piezo pickup with a mic pickup. Although the guitar didn’t need tweaks to the tone itself, setting up specific compression, reverbs and perhaps some corksniffing EQ really works well on the Dwarf.

I experimented with my other (cheaper) acoustic guitar to get the piezo fizz and quack out. A simple test with a bunch of acoustic guitar IR really made it sound a lot better.