Acoustic IR to counter piezo quack

Hi guys,

I created a little testboard to counter the piezo quack of my Fender Hellcat acoustic guitar.

The IR I used was that of a Guild D-260ce found here:

the description has an error;
sample 1: WITH
sample 2: WITHOUT IR

Thanks @Matt for suggesting this method

I’ve put the Alembic mono amp + some EQ tweaks behind the IR profile in a IR cab sim

Then of course, for flavour, 2 parallel reverbs

In hte past I used the TAL II reverb but it gives way too much hiss!


That sounds great! I’m wondering if I can do something like this to replace my Fishman Aura. :thinking:

The Aura does sound fantastic. I suspect it is also IR-based, but proprietary Fishman stuff.


@Matt pointed out that I should check IR database - Acoustic IR for acoustic IR’s. There is a lot there!

With some clever and patient acoustic IR testing and pre-amping, you could get to be your own Fishman

In other sources, I found a lot of IR’s for cabinets, like my favourite “angled” fr(i)edman” profiles.

I saw in the Dwarf that there is also a folder for reverb IR’s, I wonder how that works. Is that one fixed way to emulate a certain room/setting?

I love this whole IR concept and how open source people approach it!


Hi @LievenDV

I have to say that for my taste the 1st sample sounds better.
Could you make another sample with only the IR ( no amp or eq after ).
I think that the 2nd sample went a bit far on the low mids but maybe that is just me.


You are right

The FIRST sample is WITH the IR. (Can somebody edit that please @jon ? 🥸)
It’s fake news!

Even on my cellphone I could hear that …


Good news!
The sample with the IR sounds really Nice!


eheh was thinking the same. The first sample sounds great! Good job tamming that piezo sound. Sounds really clean and neat with the IR in it.


I’m glad I could help! Using an IR is of course not as good as using a good mic, but it allows for a much easier incorporation of effects into the signal, and it can really breathe some air into the standard piezo quack.

Besides, this is not really an either/or kinda thing. The vast majority of pro acoustic players - including titans like Tommy Emmanuel - use the pickup. Mic-ing up a guitar on stage is a pipe dream. Granted, high-end acoustic pickups with a mic blend can sound really good these days, but the vast majority can benefit from a good IR.


I have a Maton with a piezo/mic combo pickup incoming. :smiley: Love that sound!
Playing plugged in is my prefered way of playing anyway; the Dwarf will be my reverb/delay and vocal machine for acoustic solo gigs


That is for Reverb IR convolution plugins. You have one already in beta :wink: We have been testing it quite a lot.

Sorry @LievenDV, I just saw it too late (right?). It’s already fixed no? Or am I missing something?

EDIT: ah! You mean on the pedalboard page? I can’t do it myself, but I will check if someone can

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Indeed, the info on the pedalboard page is still wrong; thanks

oeh, something new to explore ^^


I learned that it may take a bit :confused: someone got a broken computer :frowning_face:


Love this board. Makes my Godin Lgxt sound more acoustic. Thanks