Dwarf got frozen. Had to restart. Now ok

Just happened last night. Dwarf continued processing the sound without trouble but the interface on the device got frozen, with the middle led purple and the rubber button under the leftmost rotary control got yellow (see picture below)

Did anyone have that before ? What do you think @falkTX ?

I haven’t updated since last month btw.

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This has happened to me a few times in the last 2 years, but I can’t reproduce it intentionally.

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unfortunately, this hasn’t happened (yet) to me. :frowning:

naybe you guys need to drop your Dwarves on the floor.


uh-oh… did i just cross-post?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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that seems to me like a rogue memory leak on the device controller side, that eventually leads to it being out of memory and crashing out.
that would explain why it does not happen in a regular fashion but seems a little random.

there is a workaround in place for such occasions on the web gui advanced settings, activating a mode that tries to detect such cases and automatically restarts the device controller side.

preferably we find the reason for the issue though, probably some specific combination of pedalboard load and usage.
the more details you can give about your unit usage on stage where this happens, the better.

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I was using a modified version of this

with a looper added at the end and a couple of other slight differences.
The freeze happened as I was changing some settings, with the DS1 apparently (which you can see is operated from the 6/6 page of the onboard UI)

I noticed something similar happening occasionally when my midi-chocolate and some other usb (bt or wifi) are connected to the dwarf on a simple hub.

I tried replacing the hub with one externally powered and the freeze are (seem to be) gone

Hope it helps


No USB device connected in my case.

Thanks for the input, though. That may help the mod guys to narrow down the issue.

@Azza I had the same but some months ago for the last time. After an upgrade of the operation system it vanished. Are you running the latest version?

No I’m not. But it’s the first time it happens to me, so even if it never happens again with the updated firmware, I won’t assume that it is because it’s fixed, but just that the occurence is super rare

well we did fix things related to this exact issue though.

I always assume users are on the latest versions when reporting issues. there is no point on reporting things if you are on outdated/old version, as the issues being reported could may well being fixed by now. Also creates unnecessary time spent on trying to find something, only to then find out the user was missing updates and the problem in question is something that is so long gone we even forgot about it…

The updates is how we push fixes, if users dont install them what really can be done here?

Even if this is something not yet fixed, there would be the need for an update to get the fix. And then users reporting the same issue without first caring to update.

This is honestly very frustrating as a developer.
No software is perfect, but an old software is one with old known bugs. If stablity updates introduce some new issues, we take those very seriously and try to get them fixed as soon as possible. Did you have some bad experience with updates in the past? Even if so, don’t see how sticking with old versions can help, you trade off old bugs vs new bugs in a sense, where in turn the “new” bugs get a lot more attention and old bugs in old release are “never” fixed because by virtue of being old the bugs are part of the release. So in my mind one option is obviously better than the other…


Hi @falkTX.

I actually mentionned that I hadn’t updated in my original post. Apologies if that was not marked clearly enough though.

I know the work load you have and the last thing I want is to make you lose your time on irrelevant issues. I just thought that it was a problem worth sharing anyway, just in case, with of course the mention that I wasn’t running an up to date version.

I usually install all the updates, but simply didn’t have such an opportunity in a while (connecting the PC to the mod is not super easy in my current setup).

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Oh, actually, the version seem to have been up to date : v1.13.3.3256

Sorry for the bad communication @falkTX

I did not see that last message as it was after the picture, but to be honest it is hard to deduct the correct thing from there.

anyhow, the point of trying to get more into to reproduce the issue still stands, thanks for providing more details.

is this a one-off event for you, or has it happened more than once?

It’s a complete one-off. Never seen before.

I initially thought that the weird lighting might have been a sort of visual code for a particular type of problem.