Dwarf - Crowdfunding Tier 3 - "? Edition"

Hey guys, I’m starting this topic to discuss the details about the Tier 3 Dwarfs and get some input from you guys

What I can tell you currently:

  • This edition will have a unique colour
    We are sampling some coatings and finishes now and haven’t selected a final one but it will be some shade of dark grey. We wanted it to be distinguishable from the normal Dwarf without choosing a colour that some users don’t like.

  • It will have a unique laser engraving design
    We have designed a graphic that will be engraved the top face of the devices making it more distinguishable from the regular Dwarf.

  • It will have a name
    We will engrave an edition name into the back face to clearly label the device as unique from the regular Dwarf

Now the above statements are likely to change. I don’t want to open any discussion about colours or graphic designs as it will be impossible to please everyone.

Where we would like your input? The Edition Name
Here are some names we have considered

  • Special Edition
  • Limited Edition
  • Collectors Edition
  • Deluxe Edition
  • Love edition
  • Appreciation Edition
  • Founders Edition
  • Fan Edition
  • Enthusiast Edition
  • Innovator Edition
  • Visionary Edition

We also considered naming it after a specific Dwarf Star but the names can be a bit weird

I would ideally like to make a poll so you guys can vote on your favourite name but I thought I should open the discussion to you guys first to see if you have any ideas to add to the list


You may also consider one of these names: Durin, Gimli, Thorin, Dáin Ironfoot, Azaghâl, Mîm, Balin :wink:
But I guess this is to put in the same column as “dwarf stars and other weird namings”
Enthousiast Edition seems good


I was trying to steer away from Dwarf in the sense of the mythical race and more towards Dwarf in the sense of a star. I like to think of the device in the realm of high tech space ships rather than medieval archaic axes wielders :sweat_smile:


hey @James!

i’m thinking “edition” is unnecessary and “official”-sounding… just “love” on its own would be beautiful. …although that may be overly poetic for some folks… :wink:

it could also be given a bit more of an active tone:
(again, without the “edition” part)

…my $0.02… i’m really not hung up on any particular thing!


I don’t mind it
“Love” to me does sound a bit too poetic but I’m not against having a single word engraved on the back like “innovate” or “envision” or perhaps something else, “persist”? I don’t know


The matrix had some pretty cool names for their ships List of hovercraft | Matrix Wiki | Fandom


These sound like marketing buzzwords imo.

Have you considered a dead language like Latin to disguise the word a little.

I’m real rusty on my Latin, but you could choose a word like “infinite” and it immediately classes it up.

For example: “Dwarf Infinite” would read “Dwarf Infinitus”

I agree with plutek in regards to removing the word “edition” from the naming.

Anyone that kickstarted should have “kickstarter edition” on the bottom. I mean even mine has it and I didn’t even know about the kickstarter campaign lol

But to touch back on the words you dropped:

Envision=Envision (lol)

And I actually like the Dwarf names from Norse Lore (as dwarves were largely norse) but I am biased because I am Godhi in that faith system lol


I really like Founders Edition. For me KickStarter projects are always a bit of a gamble. You participate in an effort to support visionary development of some kind. Being a “founder” has a certain weight of involvement that speaks to our our strong support, financial, emotional, spiritual, whatever else we feel we brought to the table.
As far as Dwarf Stars go whats not to love about SDSS J110217.48+411315.4 ?


And yeahh… you kinda cant go wrong with Latin…


Dwarf Horizon - as it always seems to be on it ; )

Agree that special / founders etc not for me.

Latin is cool or even klingon .

But for the nerds…Theia - the fabled planet that crashed into earth made the moon and provided water .

In other wards something small and mighty that created something amazing and new.

Forgot to add Im tier 2 so my ramblings dont count.


Tier II here as well but Dwarf Horizon has a cool ring to it ^^

Space? space ships? Dwarf?
Isn’t that…obvious?
Powder coat it RED!


Great Idea!

if they did that - I’d go tier 3 :rofl:

I like dwarf horizon most, followed by innovo.

I’d steer clear of specific dwarf names such as Thorin etc due to potential copyright infringement, but I’m not conceptually opposed to the medieval fantasy dwarf idea. Maybe something like dwarf king or hammer


What about Dwarf Shailaputri? Devi Shailaputri is the Hindu goddess of patience… and while she isn’t a dwarf, it’s clear from the forum that some Tier 3 backers’ patience is running short. :rofl:

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Oh! Oh! …“Dwarf Odyssey”.

I should point out while I’m coming up with snarky names that I’m not sore about the delays; as noted on another thread I went ahead and bought a retail Dwarf while waiting for the backer unit so I’m enjoying the device while also waiting for it to arrive (time is an illusion). But I feel like rather than something super poetic like “Love” or a pat on the back like “Enthusiast,” it should sound epic and be an inside joke that makes us all appreciate the status we’ve chosen and the time we’ve spent crying and waiting.

I do like “Red Dwarf” but if the unit is red I’m not putting it in my pedalboard. I have been (poorly) running a shadow campaign to have the unit be navy blue, but am pretty sure that’s not gonna work out.

How about a Tier 4 where MOD sends us the unpainted enclosure without the engraving or the electronics, we get it powder coated whatever color we want at our own expense, send it BACK to Berlin, and then it gets laser-engraved and assembled?


I guess this would become a bit of a logistic nightmare haha


Well you will be very pleased and very disappointed to know that The Dwarf will not be Red or Navy Blue, it will be Grey :sweat_smile:

No… :sweat_smile: As Joao said, logistical nightmare and we don’t need any more delays haha.

I like the suggestions, some of the latin words could be good, I also don’t hate Horizon

I think it’s good to avoid proper nouns if possible


Thanks for not hating me James …


Haha sorry I mean I’m not against it. They are all great suggestions!


Sorry couldnt resist.