Dwarf Bluetooth connection

i know that there are posts about this but i cannot find an up to date simple aswer,so i apologise for asking again…
How can i connect the Dwarf to my android phone via bluetooth?I used a usb dongle and i manage to make the connection but i don’t know how to enter the web interface.I tried the on chrome on my phone but i doesn’t do anything.
Any help?

Bluetooth - MOD Wiki is the entry point that explains how to do it.

On Android one particular point that is not intuitive is the need to disable both WiFi and mobile data in order for it to allow network connections via Bluetooth.


…and check the Bluetooth dongle. Not all are working. Check this and this.

My connection by the way is working absolutely fine.

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This is not the correct address, it should be

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Hi everyone!
Thanks!!I`ll try all of the above!

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