This granular delay effect is now in beta!

You can find the project here GitHub - davemollen/dm-GrainDelay: Granular delay, lv2 & vst audio plugin

This plugin is written in rust and it’s the first rust plugin on the mod. Big thanks to the mod team for adding support for it. Maybe this will lead to more rust developers contributing to the mod platform.

I will certainly keep them coming. I mostly develop these plugins for personal use and out of personal interest. So the fact that this plugin is now in beta is something new for me. I’m curious and excited to hear what you come up with using this plugin.
Hope you enjoy it!



Hi Dave,

Great, I often use the delay → Pitch combination in my pedalboards, dm-GrainDelay saves me a lot of cpu. And there are still a lot of things to explore in this plugin. Nice work. Thanks a lot.


Great stuff, thanks for making this!

I’ve been waiting to have a flexible granular delay on the MOD platform and this sounds really good. It would be amazing if it had probability for grain reversal like Soundhack’s Bubbler and Red Panda Particle but seems great as it is.


I’ve posted previously about trying to find something like the Crystals granular echo and am very excited to try this out!!


looks promising, got to test this baby tomorrow!


Thanks for the feedback. I can see how reversal could be an interesting addition.
I’ll put this first feature request on a list. :+1:


A small heads up, plugin will not load on 1.13.1 for the moment, as we needed to correct performance regressions with some component updates needed by the rust compiler.
We will fix it soon, sorry for the inconvenience.


Any news on this?

I’m always interested in granular delay plugins


@Elk_wrath This plugin is working again and back in beta.

I also pushed some fixes and extra features. See the list below:

  • Added a reverse parameter. This sets the probability for a grain to be played back in reverse. (@Monday Thanks for the suggestion)
  • Added a spread parameter. This sets the amount of randomized stereo panning for each grain. Making this a mono to stereo effect.
  • Renamed some parameters.
  • Frequency of spawning grains isn’t affected by changes to pitch as of now. This makes it always run at the frequency specified.
  • Added parameter smoothing to parameters causing zipper noise
  • Time and frequency parameters can be changed without modulating pitch
  • Pitch parameter can now be set to a decimal
  • Restricted filter parameter range

With time set really low, pitch near or at zero and by dialing in the feedback and drift parameters you can also create chorus/flanger-like effects.


Thanks so much for this, @DaveM!

this granular plugin definitely opened up some of my ambient textures.

Made a quick pedalboard for synths that add some smear and shiny textures. This plugin is awesome!


Definitely a cool plugin. I tried it out on guitar, but it may be more fun on theremin or synth.


Will there be a stereo version of this?

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I could make this accept stereo input if that’s more practical for most users. But I think I would prefer to sum the stereo inputs for the effects processing to keep cpu usage down. The dry stereo input could then pass through as is. Or would you like to process both channels separately? @Munverzagt

@Elk_wrath Would this be more useful for you too? As I can see you used 2 units in your pedalboard to process both channels.


@malfunction54 …or on Mandoline. :smiley: It sounds great!

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For me stereo inputs would be more practical based on my chain and style.

I’m always pushing 80% at 256 frames with the portal effect.

I go comps and overdrives->Aida-x->wah and filter-> portal-> chorus, delay, reverb, cab all stereo

If you can get it to stereo input awesome. If not no big deal. I’ll find another board for it probably.

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And processing the channels separately please :upside_down_face:

It makes no difference to me for stereo or not. I apply 2 chains when sound designing so I can add movement to the effects.

I updated my board with a CV LFO modulating parameters on the pedals. It is shaping up to be something really lovely.

This is the best grain delay I’ve used on MOD.

I’m seeing if its possible to use a CV plugin on a looper to have it randomly snatch recordings and send them through the chain while playing. It’d be similar to the Microcosm.

Even with 2 chains using RMPro at the end, I am still below 40% CPU on DuoX


Cool. I’m curious what you come up with modulating parameters with lfo’s @Elk_wrath. I was planning on exploring possibilities with cv lfos myself as well, but haven’t gotten round to it. The pedalboard you shared sounded nice already!

@Munverzagt I’ll check what impact stereo processing will have on the cpu load some time later. But not too soon, because I want to do some work on other plugins. If anyone else has a request for stereo capabilities please let me know.

Nice to see this effect is of use to some! And a shoutout to @falkTX for fixing the rust build. Much appreciated.


I’m gonna keep working on this board. The biggest downside is that I have no idea what this board sounds like with anything other than synths, hopefully it can be used with other instruments.

So far, the CV lfo modulation is awesome. I assign slightly different ranges of modulation to each chain.

I have it modulating the Tone function on floaty, the drift function (maybe spread too) on your Grain plugin, and the mix amount for the verbs.

Its subtle, but adds just enough variation to keep it interesting.

I cant wait for this to be out of beta :smiley:

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Is it also possible to stack lfos to modulate one parameter? So basically addition of lfos. Or driving the phase of an lfo with another lfo. I’m curious how flexible you can be with lfos.

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