DISTRHO - DIE Fluid Synth

The DIE Fluid Synth is a generator plugin that makes use of SF2 Instrument files (with support for the unofficial vorbis/flac-encoded SF3 format).
Upload your own instruments to your MOD Device through the file manager, and use this plugin to play them by sending MIDI notes to its input.
The entire file is loaded into RAM.

Some SF2 Instrument files contain multiple patches, and some are even multi-timbral, using a MIDI channel per timbre.
MIDI program changes can be used to change the instrument patch for the respective MIDI channel.

The plugin can tweak the chorus and reverb defined in the SF2 instrument.
The chorus is capable of a wide range of sounds, from thickening the sound to all-out wacky modulation, while the reverb helps giving that finishing touch to the sound.

(Requires v1.10 release, yes)


Thanks for this addition, I have been enjoying it.

One question - is there a simple way to select presets for the sound font?

Say my sound font has a bunch of banks of presets and I have a simple midi controller that can’t send program change messages - is there an easy way to select the presets from the mod device itself? Or to have a particular preset loaded on startup of the pedal board?


This is planned for an update of the plugin.
Due to time constraints it was not done for the initial release.

For now you can use something like mindi to generate midi program messages


Digging online - looks like the bank switch messages vs fluidsynth are kind of tricky to get right. Got the presets switching working with mindi but no luck with the banks. Should be easy enough to just avoid them.

Think I will wind up using something like SWAMI to edit my sound fonts to simply not use banks and split them into separate files instead.


Been using this happily for a while - mindi works well for preset switching on pedal board load - thanks for the recommendation - but one drawback I have noticed is performance - this plugin eats up the CPU if you send it a lot of notes (say from an arp).

For example if I send 3 notes chords every 1/16th @ 130 bpm it eats 100% cpu even if it is the only plugin on the board.

Thanks again!

Are you using it in which device? Duo, DuoX or Dwarf?

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Sorry for not specifying - I’m on the duo x. Still waiting for my dwarf - I chose the last group in the kickstarter survey :slight_smile:

I’m using an external controller to send the midi notes over USB - but could probably whip up a demo board using internal sequencers - basically just noticed the crunchy sound of max CPU when I send this thing many notes at a higher speed.



Only today I have found this post. This has got to be the single most desirable plugin for me. Thanks a MILLION !!!

Now I need to find a way to convert my libraries to SF2! (Have a few in SFZ but most are Kontakt and Logic stuff…)

Thanks again!


An SFZ plugin (sfizz) is coming soon, just so you know.


Can I start crying now? :upside_down_face:

I actually use Sforzando on Mac and used Sfizz briefly, so it’s a somewhat familiar plug for me. Great addition to the library!

I still need to learn better how to set up soundfonts properly…

Thanks a million for the DIE and the upcoming sfizz!


I’m using this plugin a lot with the Dwarf.

The only issue I noticed is that with certain soundfonts it gets “stuck” and it sounds always the same even if you change to another soundfont. But maybe it’s a problem with the soundfont.

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I can confirm it happens a lot, at least for me, when I change to several soundfonts it gets stuck and the sound doesn’t change anymore, I need to delete the plugin or reboot the Dwarf.

Just for you to know in case it’s a possible bug (or maybe it’s related to the soundfont itself), I don’t know if it happens to anybody else.

Can you share with us the particular soundfonts that are triggering the issue on your side?

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Of course @jon . I’ll do that these evening. I’ll try to find out first if it happens with some particular soundfonts, or it happens with all of them.


I have also had this problem. I’m not quite sure if this always happens with the same soundfonts. I have to observe this a bit more closely and if I find soundfonts where this is reproducible, I’ll email them to you. Like others I am using the library here: Ultimate SoundFont Pack | SoundPacks.com


Can you send us the sf2 that you have issues with?
This will help us replicate the issue.

Hello, unfortunatly my entire computer crashed so I had to reinstall it. I have only been able to access the Dwarf again for a few minutes. It may take a while until I can experiment with soundfonts again.

Oh! I hope that you didn’t lose anything really important.
Anyway, the request works for you or any other user facing this issue. If you happen to face it again, please share the sf2 files if you can.

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WOW, :+1: When will sfizz be released? :slight_smile:

After we have some time dedicated to a few others that are first in the queue.
Need to recheck again, but while the performance was quite okay on a duox, it was not like that on the dwarf.

In any case, the full/reverb IR plugin will come first, as more people have asked about that one.