Dexed patch import?

Hey y’all I’ve made, collected and compiled all my favourite Dexed patches over the years on my PC and would like to use them within my MOD DUO, but I have no idea how.
Is this even possible??

The dexed is still in beta for the MOD platform and I believe that it was not touch since the File Handling was introduced (the habitity to store user files in the MOD OS), so I would say that the plugin doesn’t “read” any folder and therefore uploading the patches to your MOD Duo will not be usable yet.

Oh damn thats really disappointing :sob:
Does it seem like that will be picked up at some point?

it would be nice if the Dexed is moved out of beta eventually… I get more random hanging notes on that synth more than others, I don’t know what that’s called, but it’s a good excuse to yell “Midi PANIC!!!”


Thanks, I’ll have to try that—

Currently I don’t think that is on the roadmap. But this can change at any moment

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What would be the deciding factor for this?

I’m honestly pretty sure LOT’S of synth enthousiast would jump on board knowing that there’s a near perfect replica of the DX7 working on mod devices :person_shrugging::wink:

I haven’t tried it but there is a guid on our website for converting files.

WHAT?! WOOOOW the thing is…
I hardly understand anything in the link…
I have the tendency to screw up my system when I try stuff like this so I’ve accepted my ignorance.

Thanks alot though!
It’ s great to know it IS possible!
Shame that it’s a bit hard for non tech savvy players

Maybe @jon knows how to make it more userfriendly?

maybe best to ping @madmaxwell . Or you could point me to a patch you like to have converted and I’ll check it out and let you know. If you have the converted file its a copy command to get it to the duo (hopefully)

:slight_smile: I know that was a great thing to have this import feature, but at the time not so much people were interested. So to have you patches in your MOD device of choice, you have to run a single script basically. It’s not so scaring, but in case you can’t manage with that you need to ask your geek friend. Or wait till we end get busy with all the neural stuff. So that maybe we can talk with MOD and ask for an import function in mod-ui. Wouldn’t be a blast to have it in mod-ui?


Would it be possible for you to do it please??:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:
I have a couple of ROM files :point_up::point_up:

Hi! I’m sure you’re busy but it would be great if u could help me do it??


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+1 :grinning: