MIDI Panic button

A “MIDI Panic” button in the ‘Tempo & Transport’ menu and in the browser would be very helpful. I have not found anything about this. If not available, is it possible to “build in” that?

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Wouldn’t it make sense to just turn off all plugins?
Or you mean specifically only MIDI panic, I guess to shut down stuck notes.

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That’s exactly what I mean, MIDI panic. Sometimes a sound/MIDI-Note from a synthesizer stops when you stop the transport. This happened to me with the MIDI file plugin and Dexed, for example
I haven’t noticed this with audio yet.


I too have stuck notes on various synths and have thought about the same thing. I have to turn on/off the stuck synth to make i go away.


Besides MIDI-Panic it would be useful for all MIDI keyboards, sequencers, MIDI players, … to send a CC 123 “All Notes Off” (MIDI CC List) at the end.


It is a bit of necroposting, but I’ve bumped into the same issue - some notes are stuck sometimes from my midi controller as NoteOn, and enabling-disabling a corresponding plugin is not a feasible method if you do not have access to Webui when this happens, and even you have access - it takes quite a lot of badly spent time with an annoying sound in background, while searching for the plugin if pedalboard is large enough like this:

However, looks like sending CC123 works fine. You can emulate MIDI PANIC by sending this signal with Infamous mindi, connecting it to each generator that requires midi panic:

I’ve checked it with the following generators, and seems like they all stop playing when they get this CC123:

tal noisemaker
fluidgm organs

There are other generators I did not test, so I cannot say if they all respect this CC, but that’s quite a number to prove the concept.

For sure this mindi can be assigned to a button, so you can use it without webui.