dear all, sorry but I had to return my Dwarf which did not give me complete satisfaction. the sound was meager compared to my tube combo.
I really liked the concept which I found very amusing and intelligent, but the sound result, at least on my installation which until then has never disappointed me, was very mediocre.
too bad because the various contacts that I had with some of you augured good exchanges…
for the time being I returned to the t.c. electronic Nova System, very simple, very analogical and reliable.
I wish you all the best for the future.
friendly and musical

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It easily can be that I just lack the required expertise and experience to be able to evaluate the sound quality fast, but I am curious how you’ve managed to make conclusion within a one day? There are quite a lot of plugins to install and their combinations to try and tweak, not to mention AIDAX models.


It has always been a problem for multi fx units - and the dwarf in particular. Trying to cram in as much as possible to showcase. Instead of focusing in on basic but really good/recognizable sounds.

Only in recent years most of the companies geared towards what users expected: few good and basic presets 1 -10 with some effects. No one needs a tremolo filtered auto-wha preset to start out.


Took me 4 months to dial in tones that I liked.

There’s a huge learning curve to it but I wouldn’t trade my dwarf for any rig.

I do get it’s not for everyone.


If I get a multi effects unit, I want a multiple of effects available to me and not be limited to what someone else thinks I want or need. If you think others do it better, then use the others products, but the Dwarf gives me plenty to experiment with, along with a variable set up to perform with.

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thats true and I always delete all factory presets when I get something new.

But its more about taking inexperienced users by the hand and guiding them through a painless start. When designing products (physical and software based) you have to have the users in mind you trying to win over.
If the majority of users is on Windows and you have to select an option on the dwarf first to get access to the web ui that is a bad design choice.

Thats where the MOD team can learn alot from other brands.

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I don’t need to sound like a marshall or fender. I don’t give a damn about copies. I’m not interested in AidaX. That’s fun to have it and I hope it will make Mod Audio better but I won’t use it. I just wanted my sound, and I found it! Not in 2 days, in 4 months after trying all the simulators. And this sound I have had on any other multi-effects.
If you like your tube combo and don’t want anything else you should keep it.


Agreed, new users should have as much support and simplicity while they learn the system, as should happen in all systems. One of the drawbacks of some techies (I include myself here, and it’s not just techies) is the assumption that “everyone knows what I know, and what I find simple will be simple for everyone else”! Sometimes gentle reminders are needed.

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This is absolutely true. As a guitar player I like the feel a tube amp gives me in the room - I also like to not carry my 20kg head around to two different spaces.
And if you have a inear setup for band practice it matters even less. So an option like AIDA-X (ok, im biased here) gives me enough to work with.


It is really a pity to see you go so soon @d_artois :frowning:

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I haven’t tried AIDA X I haven’t great tube combo to modelise.
I prefer simulator, they have more possiblities. For example I use only Guitarix Gx amplifier that I found great.

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first to buy Mod i’ve buy different pedalboard but no one is good like mod duo… fast to use, intuitive, great sounds and manage… i don’t know how i did it to write some words… maybe a troll of competitors???

hi every one!
the problem does not concern the quality of the plugins (some of which I really liked), but the connection between the Dwarf and either the interface (KOMPLETE AUDIO 6), or the combo. Still unbearable noises after having practiced all the maneuvers recommended by the Wiki and by some of you. the sound is poor, sick, compared to that of the combo associated with another multi-effects.
it is not the first time. in August 2022 I had already returned a copy for the same reason. this time I thought the issue fixed. but not…
So please don’t tell me I’m wrong again. my ears are the only judges.
but thank you also for having reacted in such a large and unanimous way!


I use a cheap Behringer HD400 “Hum Destroyer” whoch for about 27€ solved my ground loop problems.


@Zavorra thanks for the comment
Am I right to understand that the behringer HD400 is to be used between the Dwarf and the amp ?
In my case, I have noise in the headphone (even when nothing is plugged in our out, even on the virtual side).
Did you have this issue and how did you solve it ?

Is there any chance you can record the noise you are hearing from the headphone port?

I had struggled with noise before, but have never checked the headphone port and would like to hear what yours sounds like for comparison.

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@Elk_wrath I’m going to try to find a way !

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If you by chance have a headphone port on mobile device, or a field recorder, it mivht be enough.

I’m an idiot and jacked up my wiring today (installing big patch bay to combine with future rack mount audio interface), so I am not operational at this moment. I am hoping to be back up and running tomorrow and can give it some attention.

The only noise I had with the Dwarf was when the USB was connected to the same pc as the audio outs. I connected the usb to a different pc and noise was gone. No ground noise with stock power and cable. I personally really enjoy the Dwarf but I only use about 10% of it’s capabilities 90% of the time. Sometimes just a reverb or overdrive to feed into my amp. I actually have a patch with 4 different overdrives which I control with AB switching lol


My headphone port is basically useless due to noise and even radio signals sometimes. Fortunately I’ve pretty much managed the main ins/outs noise, although sometimes I’m really surprised how much noise comes out when I throw an amp sim (usually the alembic) on the board with nothing plugged in… lots of gain stage tweaking seems to take care of it.