CV Signal Blender

Looking for some sort of CV signal mixer/blender plugin for complex LFO Shape/modulation.

Ideally, the plugin would allow multiple CV inputs so you can blend LFO signals and assign the output to a parameter assignment.

2 in 1 out would be just fine, or larger if necessary or desired.

EDIT: A drawable LFO would be amazing too.


well… dumb-ish and awkward (partial) solution: you can just run 2 CV outputs into 1 input, with scaling along the way as desired, right? :person_shrugging:

…but you’ve thought of that already!.. :wink:

I can chain 2 lfos using one to modulate the other, but haven’t figured out a way to assign 2 independent LFOs to a single assignment. A mixer would be sick (in my workflow) so I could group modulators and then use the CV switchboxes for routing.

I was hoping a more elegant solution could be created to begin chipping out the “Work arounds” that MOD gets plagued with. It was overwhelming as a new user and somewhat frustrating as an intermediate user lol

Edit: what I am atrempting to do, is make a Hologram microcosm styled board. Obviously it wont be perfect, but having direct access to complex modulators and being able to flip them with a pair of offset loopers might get me closer.

The idea would be to use a complex LFO shape to “randomly” trip a few seconds of recording in the loopers and feed them into the chain. I was hoping to use a CV trigger set up for the recording/overdub/speed/direction of the loopers while everything still being tempo synced


but ultimately pretty damn kewl.

…does the marketing team need some material?!.. lol

couldn’t you just run them both into i.e. a single CV Attenuverter Booster and then just use the output as a named CV value?


I am trying this now actually lol I forgot about mah stack cables


Actually doesn’t matter now.

I am gonna have to attempt midi for the loopers. No ability to make CV assignments for the actual looping parameters on LP3.

Might be easier for me to just request a midi LFO instead of messing with CV.

I think I’m gonna have to draw a diagram of my chain so I can think of routing options using CV and midi.

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@plutek would you mind giving this a spin on your MDX? This is a bit CPU heavy, I’m sitting at roughly 53% CPU on production model.

I can’t figure out a way to get the reset buttons assigned to anything internal. works fine on a manual reset, but would like to have some automation similar to how I set the record feature. This one is wild in its current state, until I can find a solution for looping reset or single shot loop.

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on my Duo X LE the cpu sits at ~75%.

anyways, cool board @Elk_wrath !

yeah, no CV available for the reset button… i think because it’s a momentary. :frowning:

it can be automated, albeit somewhat circuitously, with a CV-controlled MIDI plugin such as mindi, via virtual MIDI loopback.

see here:

dunno if that concept might be adaptable for your purposes? :person_shrugging:


You’re a straight gangster Mr. Lutek.

I will give this a try and see. I have not used the midi loop back before, and this may get me closer to what I’m going for.

Zelda came out last night, and I’ve been playing this series for the last couple of decades. I’ll be a bit preoccupied for the weekend, but I’ll get back to work on this board sunday or monday.

The music in this one is absolutely amazing, and already in my tonal wheelhouse. I am excited to snag some ideas out of this one


Adding a previous CV Mixer thread for completeness and plus one.


this is working, but incredibly inelegant lmao.