CV Mixer

I’m opening up different feedback paths in a patch using buttons. To keep the total feedback under control, I need to lower the amount of feedback in each path the more paths I open. A cv mixer (with inverters in front) would be really useful for this.

I’m sure there are loads of other use cases for a cv mixer.

I just realised there probably is one in VCV rack I could use via the Cardinal plugin.

I would still love a dedicate plugin though.


you can improvise a mixer by opening multiple cables out of your CV module, passing each through the Attenuverter/Booster and then joining back in the next CV plugin:


That might be a better temp solution.

Though in my case, it would be 12 plugins instead of 3. So for sceen/layout management only, a mixer would be really helpful.


Since my use case involves inverting some of the signals, I guess the ideal would be for the mixer to be bipolar.

Also, a matrix mixer would be the icing on the cake. Something like the Doepfer A-138m.

It would bring my number of plugins needed down from 12 to 1. From 20 to 1(!) if I want add another feedback path to the patch.