CV sequencer

Yes, I know we have MIDI ones but a more modular style CV sequencer would make a lot of sense, even for guitarists.


Can you describe this in more depth? How would this work and/or look like?

Of course you could use some of the sequencers in Cardinal and have 10 CV outputs to play with.

I’m guessing you’re not into Eurorack? :grinning:

Ideally I mean something like this… Intellijel Metropolix Multitrack, Performance-Oriented Pitch, Gate & Mod Sequencer Eurorack Module - Andertons Music Co.

Cardinal is an option and could use knobs to control the steps but these things generally need better visual feedback and currently, as you know, that’s not possible with Cardinal.

Possibly something like this could be enabled on the mini version that’s been added but not been added yet.

Wrong guess, I have over 400hp standing right next to me :wink:
(but I don’t like eurorack sequencers personally. also I only do DIY so don’t get any of the fancy stuff. I do have a nerdseq that I did final assembly and calibration on myself)

What would you like to control with such a sequencer? have it just for modulation of plugin parameters, or do you want to build modular patches using other CV plugins etc? (and would it need to send quantized pitch CV)

I’ve been experimenting with CV i/o in Heavy/HVCC but it still needs a good usecase, so perhaps this is one.

The more details you can provide the better I suppose. Just saying “we need CV sequencers” is a bit vague because it really depend on the how and what.

Better to start simple and then work your way up.

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Fair play :grinning:

Both modulation of FX and also pitch/gate of synths/drum machines ideally.

Kind of surprised it’s missing as a very common Eurorack tool

Considering there are only a hand full of CV modules at the moment, this is not at all surprising :slight_smile:

Which synths and drum machines would you even sequence with this, then?

External ones - or at least until MOD has decent internal ones.

Be handy for Cardinal too.

Using a DuoX with 2 channels CV then I assume?

Absolutely that - opportunity to do some really interesting CV mapping there.

On the other point - we’re not all you :grinning:

So, what would a minimal gate sequencer need for you?
Number of steps, what kind of gate lengths, etc.?

I think 16 steps fine - variable gate lengths per step amazing but that might be a bit much!

Ideally being able to control speed / pattern length via CV would be great too - tend to do this with my modular setup to make things more organic, or borderline chaotic with an element of control.

While this benefits synth-heads I also think it allows guitarists to add some interesting randomness to FX.

They should try it - playing whilst having FX almost but not quite spiralling out of control is wicked fun :grinning:

Feel like there’s an opportunity for the MOD platform to not just match Eurorack but to go beyond it - which I think would make the platform hugely appealing to that community too.


A few of these functions:

(e. g. Pattern Level Values; P3 Patterns & Aux events from the cirklon manual: )).

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Nice - yeah they’d be great too.

As I said: lets start simple and work our way up. Figure out an MVP before letting feature-creep let loose :wink:

Besides: this topic is specifically about CV, not MIDI. Which I think would have very different requirements.

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MIDI and gate/CV sequencers have the same tasks and therefore similar functions, including sending control commands.

There are some common factors that trigger/influence a rhythm or a monophonic/polyphonic sound. Among other things, I think these are listed in the manual mentioned above. Only meant as an idea book.

(For MIDI, which is not the topic here, I wish …

more news on it soon ?)