CV Expander Hardware Wanted!

The MOD system has excellent controllability of virtual CV, and it would be superb if there was a hardware CV interface that could take, process, and send out CV signals.

This would make the MOD devices not only the great audio processor but also the modulation source for the eurorack system.

Please consider!


Hello @Bridgee ,

I am sure this question has been asked before.

Regarding moddevices products becoming more eurorack friendly (as in TE eurorack format) somebody from the mod headquarters shoukd chime in here, though.

Do you mean something like Squarp Instruments Hermod or similar that operates as an USB to CV/Gate module?

Speaking for myself i would love to see a moddevices cv module.
There are eurorack interface options from different companies, but more experienced people in this forum than myself could recommend modules to you already available.

Greetings and God bless, Marius

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Thanks for your reply! It is good to know that the future MOD devices will be more eurorack friendly. The reason I’m calling it an expander (or interface) is because it would be for the existing product line. It is not necessary to be as complicated as Squarp Instruments Hermod.
As current MOD software already uses the “CV” concept to modulate/control audios virtually, an expander device that takes/outputs actual CV will be the bridge between the existing MOD device and the eurorack systems.

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Hello @Bridgee,

let me rephrase here a bit.
I am just a forum moderator with a little experience in moddevices products but I don’t know the moddevices roadmap.

Like other mod users I’d like to see a mod device integrated into the eurorack system.
Some eurorack users might help you finding the interface that fits.
After a quick search I found the Squarp Instruments Hermod to be a device functioning as an 8 port usb midi to cv interface that might be usable immediately with the mod dwarf being the usb host.

@jon has put your and the request of others regarding cv interoperability to be discussed but at the moment there are still some mod dwarves to be quality checked before shipping.
Although his time is precious being the mod support hub, he will answer here, too.

Thank you for your request and have a nice weekend!

Greetings and God bless, Marius


Hey @Bridgee, I’m a product designer at MOD.

Firstly just letting you know I’m going to move this topic to “cool ideas” as that’s the place we’ve dedicated for product/hardware ideas and requests. Perhaps we can name that category better though :sweat_smile: @mj_prod let’s think about that

Secondly, I would love to design a CV expander! @Elk_wrath has also requested this before and we have discussed it a bit privately. I’m sure he would enjoy this topic :blush:

I can see this happening as a control chain device. Some people in the office think it wouldn’t work but our electrical engineer says it would so I’m hanging onto that haha. We would need to do some testing for sure. I think something like a euro module with 2 control chain ports, 8-10x cv ins and 8-10x cv outs as 3.5mm and perhaps some controls would be cool

This is all super hypothetical though. It’s NOT in the roadmap currently. We have enough on our plate to deliver at the moment but I would like to try something like this in the future


hi @Bridgee … just for completeness: note that the Duo X already has 2x CV out and 2x CV in. but, yes, expansion for Duo and Dwarf, as well as more ins/outs would be very cool!


Hello @James ,

forgive my ignorance regarding the control chain protocol, I completely forgot about it, although I use my mod footswitch often and I look forward to the expression pedal.

A CV interface could be a powerful use case for CC, perfect for the mod platform.
In the first moment I thought about a dwarf or ModX simply put in eurorack format or a conversion kit with a rack mount and a cv faceplate.
Modules with an USB jack for programming the arduino and a lot of 3.5mm jacks didn’t come to my mind.
I don’t know enough about CV.
You need a good power supply for the module if that isn’t provided by the rack itself, maybe a dip switch for 5V/ 10V operating mode if that’s useful / easy to implement (I am thinking here about the 3.5mm MIDI A vs MIDI B standards and the lack of knowledge about and therefore hard troubleshooting times).

Would it be easy to switch between analogue and digital signals so that you can decide whether a jack is an input port, output port or contains MIDI in/out/merging/thru signals?
Just some wild brainstorming for my part…it’s getting late here.

Greetings and God bless, Marius


I’m down for this! I asked about this earlier this year. I even ordered a few CC dev shields, which have promptly sat around doing nothing, thanks to life :slight_smile: Though a Eurorack module would be great, I’m more in the pedalboard realm, so maybe we can come up with a modular board that can be used in either form factor?


@mj_prod, I will indeed map this. Regarding the rest @James pretty much said it all.

On a personal note, I would love this to happen - without looking a lot if it’s doable or not. Even though the MOD Duo X has CV inputs and outputs when I use it with the little pieces of CV gear that I have I find it limiting. For example a common use case for me is to use the MOD Duo X as a sort of MIDI to CV converter (on a really basic scenario and normally as a starting point); my problem is that I always need to decide if I want to have velocity and a drone sound or no velocity and use the second out as a trigger…I want both!
An expander for current devices I believe would be awesome, after all, all devices run CV plugins. But again, I’m not sure if this is technically possible. Using the Control Chain for that would indeed be great.


I think that could also be cool but it’s not clear how much demand there would be for that. I think if we made the control chain expander first and there was a lot of interest on that it could be a good indicator that a dedicated eurorack device would make sense

Actaully we don’t need a power supply or any midi standards. The expander could be powered over the control chain and it would just use CV and CC so no midi involved (by CC I mean conntrol chain)

CV is completely analog so all ports would be analog ins OR outs as they need a dedicated DAC or ADC (The Control Chain data is digital)

Yeah I think we could make an optional back enclosure for it if you want to have it standalone instead of mounted in a rack

On this topic, the concern is that the CC protocol doesn’t have a high enough frequency for CV but from what @Jan has told me, the CC frequency is already higher than that of the CV ports on the Duo X which is very usable