Could connecting to the web UI offer to upgrade all installed plugins?

Hi folks,

I was browsing the forums and noticed this thread about new plugin releases:

and so I started to wonder if I had any plugins with updates available. To my surprise, when I went to the Plugin Store tab of the web UI I had at least two dozen stale plugins!

It occurs to me that many users may be running with older plugin versions and not even realize it. That’s a bummer since they’re not getting the bug fixes and new features that developers have spent so much time on.

What if connecting a MOD device by USB would let you know you have new plugin versions available and let you upgrade all of them with a single click, in the same web UI that offers to update the system? This would not only be simpler but would keep users more up to date. Of course there would be the option not to upgrade, e.g. if you have a gig tonight and don’t want to risk breaking something.


Also, I noticed that plugins currently in use can’t be upgraded. So I’d suggest the “Upgrade installed plugins?” dialog to do the following:

  1. Load an empty pedalboard
  2. Upgrade all the installed plugins
  3. Reload the previous pedalboard when done

…that is my recommendation too

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But what if you made changes to the pedalboard?

This would then require an additional popup with “do you want to save the changes you made?” and be able to cancel the update process etc.

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@dreamer, you’re right. Presumably the system update feature also has to check for a modified pedalboard, although I haven’t tested whether it does or not.