Control Change Pedal - change snapshots

I’m using the control change device foot pedal with Dwarf and I’m looking to assign specifc snapshots to specific buttons. I’m unsure if this is possible. I can navigate via assign all to the CC device and this gives me one foot control to scroll thtrough the list of snapshots.

Any ideas if I can assign specific snapshots to footswitches?

I’m not sure if i understand your question correctly, are you using an external midicontroller, that sends program change messages to the mod? if so, the snapshots are numbered starting from 0, so sending a program change 2 on the correct channel will load the third snapshot.

I’m using the mod foot control pedal connected through the control change port - I can only assign page up and down with UI it seems as there is no midi

I just realized you’re talking about the MOD footswitch that connects via Control Chain protocol. No, Control Chain does not implement MIDI. I have no experience with the MOD Footswitch, so I can’t verify this, but if you click “snapshots” in the top right of the Web-based pedalboard constructor and select “load/manage”, you can click the “assign all” button. I assume this can be assigned to the footswitch, but again, I can’t verify this. Hopefully someone with a MOD Footswitch will come along and confirm or deny this ability.

If it’s not yet possible (i’m afraid it isn’t, but i’ve never tried snapshot mode) this is definitly an important Feature request

Just like on a traditional amp channel selector footswitch it must be possible to assign a snapshot to a specific switch

Yes when on stage I want the transitions to be as simple as possible as I want to focus on playing,

In the studio it’s okay paging up and down but live needs be simpler imo

I too have asked about this in the past, and managed to get it working: Footswich + dwarf
I’m still running this setup and it works well.


Can you tell me about your setup ?

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the linked forum posts contains a link to a working pedalboard.

Thanks for the link - will try when I get home

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I got it working with the sample pedalboard from @dncrash - thanks to the notes provided - that allows me to use mod dwarf as a true stomp pedal with snapshots - totally counter intuitive to use mindi with mod footswitch. I wish I could buy @dncrash and mindi author a virtual beer.

I was almost going to trade in the mod footswitch.



Thanks for this great thread - I was able to get snapshots to work using the instructions provided by everyone here! The only problem I’m having now is I can’t get any of the Mod Footswitch lights to stay lit indicating which snapshot I’m currently using. Is there a way to do this? I went back and forth from Momentary On to Latching for my 4 snapshots (using all Footswitch buttons of course) and there’s still not an option for the behavior of the lights… any help would be appreciated! @nelson_fretty @jon @dncrash