Footswich + dwarf

Hi folks!

I got a MOD Footswitch in an attempt to make it easier to switch to different sounds (clean, overdrive, distortion). I figure it doesn’t matter if I switch between different pedalboards or different snapshots, as long as the sound is 1 button press away, it’s perfect.

Is this doable? (1 “sound” per button) I’ve only managed to cycle between snapshots with 1 button, and the rest are just …sitting there unused :slight_smile:

The footswitch might make sense if you use plugins made for live triggering, such as looperlative.

For 1 sound per button, look at the utility plugins. I think there is one that selects between 4 routes with 1 button for each signal route.

There are a lot of ways to do this.
You can for example have one infamous mindi sending program change messages set on a specific MIDI channel and assign it to one of the switches. Then turn on the virtual MIDI loopback port and connected the mind there. Then on the device settings set the correct MIDI channel to wait for incoming messages, either for snapshots or pedalboards (as you prefer).
With this method, you only need to define the number that will correspond to each sound.

Note: although you may be indifferent to using snapshots or pedalboards if you want fast changes I recommend you snapshots since they don’t require re-loading plugins therefore it happens instantanily.

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Thanks! This is exactly what I’m looking for, if I can get it to work :smile:

I tried to follow along and got most of the way there. I put the Pedalboard PC channel to 1 and the Snapshot PC channel to 2. (plan is to use snapshots but I figured this would make it more future-proof)

I have the mindi set up to channel 2, message type Control Change. I’m guessing that Note/CC/PG Number will determine what snapshot it switches to. I don’t know about the other parameters though. Should the value be set to anything? I tried 0, 1, 2 …

And how would I use this with 3 snapshots for example? 3 mindis, each with their own PG number, and each assigned to a different footswitch?

Is the web UI + midi switch working now (or prompting for a message saying that it doesn’t work at the same time)? I tried with the UI off but not luck either.

Edit: forgot to mention I also enabled Virtual MIDI loopback and connected the mindi to it, so that should be working fine.

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You should set it to send Program Change. Scroll down on the MIDI messages list (I did exactly the same mistake on my first attempt :wink: )

Yes. Another way is to map the number of the message to something, but it depends on your implementation.

That is a good point. To change the pedalboards you need to shut down the WebGUI

I finally got it working after hours of attempts! :sweat_smile: :partying_face: :tada:
I hope other people see this and it helps. Trying to arrange this in order of importance:

  • mindi channel indexing starts at 0. so if you set the dwarf to 1 for pedalboards and 2 for snapshots that actually means 0 and 1 in mindi!
  • mindi’s Note/CC/PG Number indexing also starts at 0, so if you’re trying to load the 1st snapshot you want this at 0!
  • mindi’s value parameter (0-127) can be left at 0 as it doesn’t matter for Program Changes.
  • if using a MOD Footswitch you’ll probably want auto note-off (otherwise switch will be latching)
  • less noteworthy but good to be sure of when testing - you don’t need to unplug the USB cable to test, just close the browser tab with the web UI

That’s all for now. Thanks Jon for the guidance!

Edit: I think I encountered a bug too - I had auto note-off activated in all mindis on all snapshots but 1 of them didn’t work (remained on until I pressed the footswitch again). Eventually I tried rebooting and that solved it.

Edit2: Turns out you don’t need auto note-off at all, switches can be configured to be momentary :smile:


Great news! :slight_smile:

Probably also of learning… :wink:

Yes! Sorry! I totally forgot to tell you this. The plugin and the Dwarf have different MIDI implementations.

You’re welcome. Thanks for sharing your experience. Would you be so kind and share the pedalboard with some sticky notes explaining the steps?

Hmm…please let us know if this happens again.

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Made this as an example/guide:

Tried to describe the steps as best I could using the notes.


Thank you so much for sharing this :slight_smile: