Colombo Pedals - Plexi Breed, Lead Trilogy and Rocker 83

Hi everyone

We’re very happy and proud to announce the new Colombo Audio plugins.

Colombo Audio Electronics is an italian brand of boutique hand-made pedals founded by Luca Colombo, who designs all their pedals.

We have been working with Luca to get the models for some of his best selling pedals and the results are really awesome.

Working alongside Luca gave us acces to important information on the circuitry, allowing us to select which areas we’d capture and clone and which we’d implement in an analytical way, resulting in a sort of hybrid modelling, with dynamic neural models working in conjunction to filters and other DSP blocks.

The results are really outstanding and both us and Luca are very happy with the results.

Also a novelty, we are now introducing bundle discounts. Add the three Colombo plugins to the cart to have the bundle discount applied :slight_smile:

We hope you guys enjoy too!!!

Rocker 83:

Lead Trilogy:

Plexi Breed:


Really nice!!Congratulations!! Thanks to you and Luca!!

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Cool; nice batch

Will give them a deeper test early next year :smiley:


I do not see any bundle discount…

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please try again now.

this time it worked, thanks.


The next pedal company to colaborate with could be german Weehbo Effekte - they make really good drives, maybe Eike would be interested in puting them into MOD.


do you have a contact?

This is one man company, the pedals are really good ones.

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how much?

Another company with nice pedals is Lawrence Petross Design

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not sure what you are asking here.

how much is the price for the bundle?

40€ for the 3 plugins ( 7,70€ discount)


I think we need some pedalboards that showcase these :wink:


Thanks! Although I don’t think using beta plugins makes for a good general showcase :#
It also won’t be directly visible in the pedalboard feed when you go to the plugin, because of this (have to enable beta first, etc.).

And this board is a little too elaborate to showcase the particular plugin in question.

how should they be used? as od/distortion pedal or as preamp?

Getting them today!

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They are designed to be used as pedals, before a clean amp.

Works wonders with the AIDA Vibro :grinning:


There you go: Colombo Showcase - MOD Audio

Unfortunately, I build it around the SwitchTrigger4, and didn’t notice that that’s in BETA… Could somebody please add some status indicator “LEDs” to it and move it to the official store :grey_question: