Capture preferences for community

Ok, last week I used my presets on live gigs 3 times with dwarf and everything was ok but the setup of these presets was always similar (autowah or fuzz-od-aida-ir loader-dly-room rev) so I could use standard captures.
I can start to prepare captures for community (I can have some amps/preamps from my friends) but I would like to know if there are some requests in particular, I don’t use phisical od/dist pedals but high gain amps

  1. Do you prefer many amps with few settings or a specific amp with more settings?

  2. Do you prefer standard/heavy captures or light captures to be able to manage more plugins?

  3. Do you prefer single captures or pedalboards “ready to play” with snapshots.

If you have some ideas and suggestions, please let me know


I usually create AND use just the “standard” capture heavyness and I make my own pedalboards.

This question could be one of the questions in my “conventions” thread: Modelling: best practices & conventions


I’d go with two favorite setting per amp. Or have one capture of every channel.
Thats how I did it with my Egnater Amp.

I’d say go for light + heavy. There is more noticable difference and worth the effort. You can set this up in one go via metadata in the training.

go for both. Always cool to see how you dial in your tone for live use.


Maybe I didn’t understand:

How can you can train 2 captures in only one instance?
I use colab pro for training.

My base/standard rig usually is: od/dist (just for leads) > amp block > IR loader > dly > rev
So to have the sound that I want I should include my IRs, is it possible?