Camomile - PureData patches to Lv2 -> Mod

Greetings !
I just successfully ported compiled some pure data patches from the repo of Camomille
Did not tested all but they work quite well out of the box , just need to pass them through the mod-sdk once compiled to give them an UI .

I would love to hear if somebody runs this one their mod ( currently I don’t own one , I run mod from HEAD on my rbpi 4)

I leave here instructions to compile , since Im not sure about the compatibility of my build with the mod hardware . There is just one gotcha that was a closed issue but seems to be still present , at last for me . Must specify on make the build type . At last on the main branch .

git clone --recursive

cd Camomile
cd Dependencies/LibPdBuild/LinuxMakefile && cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release && cd ../../..
make CONFIG=Release
cd Plugins
#then this command will all , lv2's and also builds vst3. In my case this is nice to test on my system , but you must find prob. a flag to avoid that on the mod 

Once that is done you got your plugins compiled and they just need to be opened from mod-sdk to assign a GUI etc

Is this of any interest for the community ? and if so , How could I try to distribute some builds for my non-nerd friends ? thanks!

A pic of Pierre Guillot’s “Castafiore” Running quite nicely , still need to watch out for licenses and to put the name of the dev in a way that fits the pedal size :sunny:


Really intersted, I’d love to be able to run some of my Pd patches on my Duo X!


Would love to see that happen.

Thanks for your work so far.

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midiout true seems to work well . I just duplicated one of the Examples and added a patch that sends a random midi CC value at intervals with a metro . Works as expected and mapped a control in the mod UI to it .
This could be nice to make midi pedals for led feedback and other tedious applications that don’t require much. Im reading in the forum that camomile can yield to some issues apparently in audio lands in the past.

2021-10-17 10-44-40

I mad this simple patch duplicating from examples to get going
compiled it

./camomile -f ./Examples/Fmidi
and then just used modsdk for the UI

Raw Pd Patch #N canvas 144 286 450 300 12; #X obj 112 108 metro 250; #X obj 153 13 loadbang; #X msg 125 62 1; #X obj 177 220 ctlout; #X obj 112 152 random 127; #X msg 211 155 22; #X msg 85 71 0; #X connect 0 0 4 0; #X connect 1 0 2 0; #X connect 1 0 5 0; #X connect 2 0 0 0; #X connect 4 0 3 0; #X connect 5 0 3 1; #X connect 6 0 0 0;
Fmidi.txt type instrument; iolayout 0 2; code zWOt; midiin true; midiout true; playhead true; image Spip.png; description Infos.txt; compatibility 1.0.7; program Booker T. Jones; program Gregg Rolie; program Goldy McJohn; program Richard Wright; manufacturer Pierre Guillot;
Infos.txt The Almond Organ is a twelve voices synthesizer inspired by the Hammond organ.

Version: 1.0
Author: Pierre Guillot


Wow! This sounds amazing! Looking forward…

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So more paths opening and more tools :slight_smile:
The one on top is timestretcher exported with ./camomile

The one below is with DPF via hvcc . Precisely

So good to see still the Heavy compiler still maintained , alive and rocking , with super easy export from pd patch-> dpf project → lv2 plugin .
Hvcc still inherits his older version limitations but its cool to see the project going and adding python3 and dpf to the mix .

This is the containg pd patch on that example :

I used hvcc heavily in the past to export patches to Unity , so this is going to be fun . The only thing to watch out its to work within their limitiations and using the specific library that has many heavied abstractions that take care of relevant stuff.


I putted together the code and some instructions for anyone willing to try it .
It acts as a primitive live input sampling thing . Need to fix the ui , switches instead of knobs and some pops at the end of the buffer recording but works quite good already !


Of course it is! With such a huge range of users that this platform has, I think any plugin is a nice add.
Thanks for sharing :wink:


In plugin store would be nice. :smiley:



If I just had the brains to make it run, I’d be giving a test right now.

Please keep them coming. There’s a synth in PD I’d loooove to see ported to MOD. Your stuff gives me hope!


In plugin store would be nice. :smiley:

Not going to happen anytime soon .
This is not a stable release and its not debugged/tested extensively . I’m a self taught and do not own a MOD device atm , so it would be hard . It is already hard considering my humble knowledge on the matter . But more than happy to share it and support people who might have a try at it .

Really intersted, I’d love to be able to run some of my Pd patches on my Duo X!

Thats what tthis example is intended for , to demostrate all of you that dpf by @falkTX is working and the experimenters can get to work on it right away knowing that works with camomile and also Hvcc.

As I said Im more than pleased to help anyone willing to go into the lands behind ssh .
Im not having so much time at the moment but I find it amazing already . From conception to the test release with Samplero, I spent about 1,30 hour . Its already doing the job .

  • 4 audio buffers to read and record audio of 48000 samples length
  • Record and delete individually to mod params
  • Added a wet knob to pass the unafected audio through

Dont fear the void() , specially if it doesnt void your warranty , or does it ? :-p


Thnx for playing with my HVCC fork :slight_smile:

The past week I’ve been working on MIDI support, so now it’s possible to use note/cc/pc/touch/bend i/o in your plugins. Which you can use to make midi utils etc.
Will prepare a release for this soon-ish


Oh, that’s an imposing domain and threatening realm… :fearful:

The only function I’m familiar with is dumb(). :roll_eyes:

(Therefore I might take you up on your kind offer! :slight_smile: )

@jon would be good to move this post to puredata sub forum