Anyone have experience porting PureData patches?

Anyone have the knowledge, time and/or motivation to port any of the more unique PureData patches to Mod Devices?
We need some more spectral/FFT based plugins :open_mouth:

Would this PureData (running in PlugData) patch be possible to port for instance?

Willing to donate for such ports :')

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I think there was one trial with running a Camomile based plugin (a distant cousin of plugdata) on MOD.

Some more info in this topic: Camomile - PureData patches to Lv2 -> Mod

The UI with the plugins you are showing here will obviously not work, but the DSP might.

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I checked the link u sent me but have no idea what it means? Could u explain?

Camomile is a plugin that can run pd patches. Plugdata is based on the work of Camomile.

You won’t be able to run Plugdata directly, but you might be able to use Camomile to run bare Pd patches on MOD.
The topic I linked explains how to do this.

There seems to be coding involved and after reading I still don’t really understand how this is supposed to work…
It doesn’t seem like camomile is in the plugin shop

Correct. Camomile is a tool to build plugins.

At the moment you can’t just load up any random pd patch into MOD.

PlugData comes with ELSE and Cyclone library which are not “vanilla” Pd compliant, unfortunatly ! So porting such patch to Pd can be very time consuming.
Also, FFT processes will most likely generate a lot of latency, so that may explain why there is not many of them :wink: !

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