Bpm/Host Syncable Delay With Modulation

The title says it all: Bpm/Host Syncable Delay With Modulation
Does it exist? I just tried ALL delay plugins and was very surprised that the vast majority can’t be syncd to host/midi. I can understand that a hardware bbd/chip delay won’t have such a feature, but this is the digital world, I don’t wanna fiddle around in Ms each time I change the tempo. At least give me tap tempo.
I deleted all plugins that can’t do that and was basically only left with Bolli and Calf delay. None of the 2 have a modulation feature…

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To my knowing, there is a possibility to host sync delay tempo in MOD, even if the plugin has only control in milliseconds instead of that x/x fraction notation. It is just not very obvious.
I am not sure if it applies to every delay plugin, but it worked for me every time I needed that.

My guess is that this functionality appears when parameter units are in “ms”.

Anyway I’ve tried to compose a guide on that for you:

You can review delay plugins again, find the one you need with modulation and try this trick.


Oh this is pretty good!

Is there any way to swtich between free floating mode and synce mode on the hardware?

Like map the “transalte value to musical tempo” parameter to a knob or button?

As far as I understand you only can assign switching between different x/x fractions to hardware controls.
But I have not seen any possibility to control “translate value to musical tempo” checkbox itself from hardware.

If you really need both approaches on the single pedalboard, free float milliseconds and tempo synced x/x fractions - I can only suggest adding two delay plugin instances and switching between them using Switch plugin.

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I really love to have a delay in this fixed musical setting and then increase the delay time smoothly for a pitch up effect.
Did this a lot on Boss DD20, all Ableton Delays and selfprogrammed Axoloti Delays.
Doubling up wouldn’t really work, because you wanna start syncronised and then start twisting the time knob.

“Floaty” gets the closest to this, but it drops out when there is jitter in the midi clock.

Yes! Like the EQD Afterneath’s “drag”. it’s a reverb, but I believe it’s composed of a bunch of different delays that the drag knob either pull apart or push together… such a cool effect, I like to end improv tracks dragging it all up in pitch to the top and then out, though it happens much slower than your delay trick in the vid! :slight_smile:

I am working on a synced delay using PD/Heavy, but I can’t promise how good it’ll run on MOD.

Still needs lots of testing before it’s usable :slight_smile:

It won’t have sync+tweak at the same time though. It’ll be one or the other (but potentially a multi-band version).

I do something similar for the outro of karma police. This is an incomplete example


Of the many delay plugins the only one I have found able to change the delay rate while playing without artifacts is Billie

You can to tweak the delay rate using a device knob or (as I did) using a cv value. You may want to tweak also the feedback and blend parameters

You can assign the main tempo of the Dwarf to a knob (or a midi button/esspression pedal…), so, all your plugins synced to the host tempo will follow smoothly your move.

Oh sounds interesting! I mean if it’s PD based and you’d be sharing the pd patch I could implement it myself somehow, if I ever get this compiler script to work.

I mean one interesting usecase of PD would also building little helper plugins that implement features you feel are missing. Like a plugin that does this bpm → ms calculation with a offset knob.
You think this would be possible atm, or is it like ~gen, only support for audio in/out?

Hmmm the problem is I play with external midi sync (as in the video clip), so I won’t a steady sync as a foundation and being able to move the delay time out of sync.
Somehow over the years this trick became a signal for my bandmates to indicate that I want the beat to drop or some transition to happen. I did this with a self patched axoloti delay, but as mentioned did similar things with a BossDD20 or ableton stock delays.
I guess for now I would keep my axoloti delay, but If I had looper and fx on them mod I would have to bring less things to my gigs with less chance of failure.

So I guess I should request this as a feature maybe :slight_smile:

Oh yeah sure that’s totally possible. You can do input parameters + MIDI with Heavy/PD (because of current DPF limitations only 1 midi input and output though. otherwise you could do interesting midi splits/mergers and such).

I have investigated CV i/o, but that will need a lot more work (but could also be really interesting to map to different plugins).

How big of an offset (in ms) do you think the adjustment should make? should the spread maybe track the bpm or be a fixed width?

Ah that sounds fantastic already. Being able to manipulate midi messages with be a killer feature in combination with midi loopback. Imagine stuff like LED feedback to midi controllers etc.

Yeah, would be even more seamless integration but midi in combination with loopback is quite powerfull.

In my axoloti delay I always have one stepped parameter that calculated ms (like the lock to musical values parameter) and then a second parameter offsetting that value in quite a big range. Kind of almost the whole range of the delay time. This parameters is centered, going left and right for de and increase.