Boss Slicer like plugin

Hi there,

Do we have anybody who would like to create pattern tremolo in style of boss slicer? I had sl20 and it was a really great effect. Instead of buying hardware slicer I would love to pay somebody for mod sl20.

I think requests like this one always deserve at least a good link to hear the effect wanted, and if possible a list of what is special about the effect…
(personal/sentimental life with the pedal like you told in your post is cool too though)


Hope this helps

Although you could probably get away with a step sequencer feeding a tiny gain?

Exactly, you have to try with this

To achieve your goal, maybe you could ask Jacube for a 16 step…

And add an Envelope module to shape this a bit more!

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Sorry for that, I thought sl20 is quite popular.

I am familiar with 8 stepper (great stuff), the only thing i do not know how to achieve is duty knob like in sl20 which sets the lenght of a sound.

I’ll have a look at the manual tomorrow and work it out or at least try a work around.

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use an envelope as I said :slight_smile:

mandatory reading material about shaping audio signals: Learning Synthesis: Envelopes Part 1 - Perfect Circuit

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