8 Orange Stepper - 8 step CV sequencer

Hello, i want to introduce new plugin 8 Orange Stepper, 8 step Extression/CV sequencer inspired by 8 STEP PROGRAM by EHX.

link (builded on Dwarf) simple copy to plugin folder on your Dwarf.


Great, just tested random with an AMS VCF plugin. So cool. Thanks !

wow, I asked for this about 3 days ago - I’m sure it’s just great minds thinking alike but bloody hell I’m so chuffed.

Really Appreciate the hard work you are putting in


Ok spent a little time with this beauty - and feel really bad but noticed a couple of things.

I can’t see what step its on - the orange to show how many steps is pretty vague as is the footswitch colour change.

The rate seems to be set very very low with hardly any change in speed .

All other bits are working perfectly.

Love this thing though ( I have the real pedal too) this stuff is why I bought the dwarf in the first place so bring more on - or just clone all the Guitar Rig modifiers :wink:

It would be nice to be able to synchronize this to transport.

Thanks and for your comments.

  • this i know, but for now i dont know how to send/show data from plugin to gui side, for visualize which step is active.
  • i set step max rate value to 5000 ms maybe its to much, if you want you can mod file “8OrangeStepper_dsp.ttl” where you can easy find max rate value and set it lower like 1000 or 2000 ms after modifi you must reboot Dwarf.
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Thanks for getting back.

I have no idea about coding but will give the plugin a cheeky edit and see what happens.

Maybe we could ask the forum if anybody can help with the step indicator and so the transport.

What’s next on your list?

Your plugins have reignited me using the Dwarf as I was getting a bit bored of the push towards guitar amps etc as I’m awash with such things both hardware and software.

Maybe an Mission Engineering -Expressionator next :wink:

I accept pull requests for this on hvcc side :slight_smile:

(which is where the change needs to happen)

Morning Dreamer, I’ve no idea what you have just said but if you can help Jacube make the lights go blinky that would be amazing


hello and first i have stupid question what do you mean with synchronize to transport?

second i need help with output parameters from hvcc i read about it there in output parameters section
but i dont know how i can work with it on gui side.

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To synchronize, just do this to the Rate parameter:


That you can press “play” in the transport controls of MOD and this plugin will synchronize to it:

You can use [midirealtimein] and [r __hv_dpf_bpm] for this.

(I’m still considering to implement [playhead] which is a receiver in plugdata which has some additional features)


Thanks, but where should I plug it in? This is how Stepper looks like in pure data.

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This plugin is soooo good! Thank you!
I had EHX 8 stepper and now having it in Dwarf is sooo cool!


Just out of curiosity, under which scenario are you guys planning to use a similar plugin?

e.g. to activate a filter on your audio source (random or sync)
(8 Orange CV → frequency parameter of the AMS VCF plugin on Res LP position)

You kinda scare me :joy:

Here is an exemple :slight_smile:

  • Click on Manage CV Ports
  • Replace the AMS LFO 2 + the CV PARAMETER MODULATION by the 8 Orange stepper .
  • Assign the CV output to AMS freq
  • Adjust the 8 Orange faders

I have a rudimentary proof of concept for how to do this!
It will need quite a bit of fundamental testing (and making sure other Heavy targets will not break when doing this, as I’m adding a bunch of stuff to the core code-base to make it work) and then of course some plugin/lv2/mod testing as well.

This will take a bit to refine and check/test, but I have “something” to be able to send data as an “output parameter” which is what is needed to then be able to display the state on the UI.

In the case of this plugin you probably just need an integer that gives the current step number, right?


Really? That will be nice thanks, and yea integer is will be enough. I have idea how can i use this in my other pedals like in WOW to show how parameter env affect knobs, and in OR show which state is active A or B. Big thanks.