Best power supply for multiple pedals

Hi there, my Dwarf arrived just after Christmas and I’m very happy with it. The wait was worth it, in my opinion. At the moment it’s going to be a desktop toy while I work out how to integrate it into everything else in our band set-up (a guitar-driven three piece).

My question is to whether there’s a power supply on the market that’ll run the Dwarf as well as a Boss SY-200. I’m wondering whether both pedals will fit into Boss’s BCB-30X case so I can create a mini board that’s either standalone or can be slotted into a Helix effect loop. Any advice welcome!

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Hi and welcome @srednivashtar

For the power supply, Boss traditionally needs 9V DC (you can verify this one your sy-200) and the Dwarf 12V DC, with at least 1A.
I use the Anasound K+ that can handle high current and multiple voltages : K+ motherboard power supply - bundle | Anasounds

For the case you can check with the dimensions of your pedals and the case, no ?



you can try to use Cioks Sol which has 5 outputs, all 660 mA at 9V, at 12V you can get 500 mA. With optional Parallel Adapter yoo will get 1A using two outputs. I use Cioks DC7 which is a bigger brother of Sol and power DuoX using two outpts prevoiusly mentioned method and it works fine.


Hello @srednivashtar ,

while your pedalboard case BCB-30X has the dimensions of

width 330 mm
length 307 mm
height 100 mm

and the Boss SY-200 has the dimensions of

width 101 mm
length 138 mm
height 65 mm

both pedals should fit in the case.
Hope that info helps.

Greetings and God bless, Marius


Thanks everyone, this is super helpful. The next step is to find a power supply that fits in the Boss case as well…


I don’t know where you’re located (your avatar suggests it could be anywhere in the known or unknown universe(s)), so that would be a factor in what’s available to you. The Truetone CS12 is the one I’ve settled on. It may be overkill for you, but the only reason I’d ever get another PS is for a smaller pedalboard. In that case I’d go for the CS6 or the CS7, and then only to be able to fit everything on a smaller board. I’ll keep the CS12 regardless.


Thanks again. The SY-200 needs 230 mA by the looks of things, and the Dwarf 2A max (minimum 1A?). Not sure if the CS6 could handle that.

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Dwarf and DuoX works good using 1A at 12V. 2A 12V is the efficiency of included power adapter not the real current draw.

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I use a vitoos dc8 no problems and thats with Line 6 M 5 and Zoom CDR70 amongst other pedals at the same time. Also ran a mosky iso 10.

Just don’t forget the polarity reversing cables

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Can your describe your pedal power setup with the dwarf?

So confirming the dwarf only needs 1 amp?

I own DuoX which is more powerfull unit with two displays and it works with Cioks DC7 which can provide 1A at 12V using two outputs in parallel. I suppose that if I would connect usb powered keyboard like crumar mojopedal it could draw more than that but the unit by its own with no external devices works with 12V 1A. Since Dwarf is less powerfull unit with one led display it must draw less current.

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Sure, what do you need to know?

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The Vitoos is so much cheaper. Do you find it quiet or noisey? Is the dwarf just in that 1amp output? How many other pedals do you use? Do you think power supplies that use the wall wart like the Vitoos and many others are fine?
I’m also wandering if other switchmode powersupplies can actually plug out more current like the true tone powersupplies say they can.
I don’t want to skimp on a good reliable power supply, but also, are they just overkill…
Hard to make the call.

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OK vitoos dc8 is pretty good for me. It’s quiet now in my set up.

Dwarf is on the 12v 1amp, line 6 M5 is on the 9v and CDR70 is on 9v too. I also run whammy DT and some other drive pedals at times too with no concerns.

Also the input is 12VDC so I also run a Caline power conditioner before input. Will send you the links and pics when I get home to give you an idea.

The original Dwarf power supply was just too noisy for me to use it, so swapping to DC8 Solved my problems.

I can fully load the DC8 with various heavy pedals Later to show you if you need

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Thanks that’s great info. Yes some pics would be helpful.

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Does anyone know if the dwarf will run off 900mamp?

I’m thinking of getting the Vitoos ad10s-sv4 which has multiple 12v 450mamp outputs of which I could use to to power the dwarf if 900 is enough…

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Can’t do 900mamp but will try with 500 tomorrow and let you know if that works

My whammy Dt has same power requirements as the sy200 so will plug that one in.

P. S sorry missed you asking for pics will do some tomorrow. Apologies


Hey guys; thought I’d let you all know: A few days I received my multi power supply to power the Dwarf and various others - Vitoos Ad10s-sv4. It’s working very well, no noise, and is powering an assortment of pedals with varying voltages and current draws. I had to solder some polarity switches reversed cables (until my ordered ones arrive) and I may use a xurrent doubler if I see any issues, but at the moment all is well.

Board includes:

  • neunaber Neuron (9v)
  • Vox silk drive (9v)
  • Tc electronic quintessence (9v)
  • behringer micro mix (12v +center)
  • mod dwarf (12v +center)
  • Neunaber iconoclast (9v)
  • Thomann thunder 99 (18v +center)

What’s insane, is that the dwarf is powered by a 450mamp outlet and the thunder 99 (which is a flippin 2x50watt power amp) is also in a 450mamp outlet. If I run in to any issues I may power the thunder 99 separately, but at the moment all is quiet and loud! It’s meant to be 24v but works quite well at 18. I have a feeling (but can’t confirm) that the Vitoos can share the current from the total wattage/current available, similar to how the Truetone power supplies can: both are switch mode power supplies.
I am super impressed and thought its worth sharing.
I’m also powering 2 midi controllers from the dwarf here also.


Looks good - nice compact setup. Did you make the board? Is the 1/4"F-1/4"F adapter under the board the source input?

I’m envious. I failed cable/pedalboard management 101. Several times… Let’s not even mention woodworking skills.