Background noise: steady rhythmic pulse

Hello there,

I am a MOD Duo X user for some years and I was following the forum for some time looking for a solution to various background noises I was experiencing. Most (if not all of them) I solved by following the advice regarding a new power adaptor.

The problem I currently have though (and I am not sure this existed before or if it’s a new thing, but I never noticed in the past), is that when I connect MDX’s outputs to my audio interface’s inputs I get a deep low noise that sounds very much like a metronome bit. I can also see that visually when looking at the input feed on my DAW.

All these are audible on an empty rig (and no change related to connected or disconnected the usb cable). Also no input is connected, just the outputs. If I add a simple gain, and assign the gain nob to the endless knob, turning the endless knob creates the same noise, and I can control the speed depending on how fast or slow I turn the endless knob.

(Just to present the whole story here, Ive tried the above with different power adaptors and with 2 different audio interfaces, the result is the same, just different levels of the specific noise).

Does anybody have any idea what could be causing this?

are any of the LEDs blinking in your setup? like a button set to tap tempo or something? i found that turning the LED brightness down to minimum pretty much eliminated this sort of noise. also, you may want to experiment with different screen brightnesses… this can also help a lot with background noise, not related to power or groundloop issues.



Thank you - as far as I can see the LED (or screen) brightness have no effect on mine. Turning it up our down seems to not relate with it. And I don’t think there is anything blinking either.

I am wondering whether any type of cable could possibly play a part in that?

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huh… sorry this wasn’t a solution for you… that leaves me fresh out of ideas. :thinking:

in my case, the issues (and the solution) are audible even with only headphones connected to the MOD unit, so no cables interconnecting with any other gear.