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I am trying to figure out, If there is a way to play Synth plugins (originally made for Guitar/MIDI) with the Trumpet.

I’ve read and tried out the Audio to CV Pitch plugin but I would prefer not to get into Modular synths as I don’t have the time to create Boards that sounds good right now and just stick to the Midi Synth plugins.

In order to use those however, I would need some sort of Audio to Midi conversion… or CV to Midi.

Is there any way to make this work?


Oh, I didn’t see you’ve made a thread for this subject, as it is more appropriate to have the answer here instead of the long welcome one, I past my 1st response here :

Pedalboards ready to play here :


Hello @Vale ,

thank you for this feature request. I am sure @jon João will put the Audio to MIDI request on the ever growing feature requests list.

At the moment there is just the Audio to CV plugin available so there are some tricks to extract pitch and “signal present” gate signal from the incoming audio signal here. You want your synth follow your pitch, but you want to generate note on and note off events as well.

Greetings and God bless, Marius


You could run the cv/gate through Cardinal and generate midi notes this way (as a quick-n-dirty workaround).


It’s there and I believe that we have no doubt at this point of the need :slight_smile:
I can’t seem to remember who and where, but there was a user sharing that he was working on something like that and sharing his process. Does anyone recall?




Exactly!! Thanks @khz
jimsondrift a little ping here. How the process is going? Is there anything that we (community or MOD team) can help with?


Mod Duo user. Not sure if my question is the same as this thread and the replies are a few months old so I don’t know if any progress has been made. Is there a way that the audio to CV pitch can be used to drive a synth instrument plugin? My wish is to play harmonica microphone into audio socket using a synth instrument plugin such as fluidgm synths.

Here is a little board using gxtuner(beta) to have some fun with audio2MIDI:


Strange…I hear the strings in the demo audio for this board, but when I try to use it, I only hear the signal going through the fuzz…

Maybe your input level is to low to make the tuner work. I’ve set my input level on the dwarf to 0dB and the guitar level at full. You may try to put a gain plug before the tuner and increase the level.

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Ciao … I Buyed the Mod Dwarf some mounth ago and it works very well in general ( i use electric and acoustic violins )
But I tryed to use the GxTuner for set Audio to Midi and it never works , so i have tryed with all the changes of the parameters as it is possible … but no sound comes from the midi strings plugin …
i have seen your video for setting ( i have a good experience on other audio to midi violin instruments ) … i dont think that is a IN low gain question . What can be the problem on my GXTuner setting for the Audio to midi ?

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Hi !
I am also interested in a plugin concept for Audio signal to midi but for violin ! I Use this process in many other ways ( Gr55 Roland …Zeta Midi violin … And Midi Guitar vst plugin with Mac ) So i can imagine and suggest it will be not so difficoult for Mod Dwarf ( or Duo) developers to do a plugin working good for that …Another user tells that he use GxTuner that have the option to transmit midi signal to audio ( a similar process is used in Reaper with theTuner Plugin of the program and it works ! ) I tried with GX Tuner but it never works ! … : I hope the developers of Dwarf Will do something that can work for Audio to midi process beacause the Dwarf machine is so good - small and useful for a lot of differsnt sounds-instruments and intresting for experiments .

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FYI I also couldn’t get MIDI on this pedalboard to work at all. I adjusted my input gain and should be set. I’m using the latest Dwarf firmware. Not sure what the issue is…

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Hi … I tryed in many way the Audio2MIDI2 setting and I have my dwarf updated , but no sound from the midi Sinth …

maybe @brummer used an internally updated gxtuner build? now that we got the issue in mod-plugin-builder sorted, should we push an updated build to beta?


Ah, yes. I’ve forgotten that I’ve updated gxtuner on my dwarf to the latest git checkout. So yes, may be a good idea to update it in the beta store.


ok so the updated gxtuner is in beta now


I’m looking for a way to beatbox a drum
This might be step 1

I was checking realtime vocal->instrument plugins but they cost nearly the same as a new Dwarf :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you try this: MDA BeatBox - MOD Audio

It has some obvious limitations, but I played around with it several years ago and it’s good enough for jamming / looping once you get the hang of it. Using some selective filtering on the input could help a lot with triggering the desired instrument / not triggering unwanted sounds. For example, some combo of EQ/bandpass presets or signal switching would allow for triggering a single instrument without worrying about bleed from outside the target freq range.