Audio file player

A Interesting function while waiting audio interface (but even concomitant) and since there is no line input on the hardware would be the possibility to play a audio file with start/stop/rewind and maybe speed control. at the manner of smplayer.
What do you think about?


Hi @alfybe

There is a file player coming along in the near future. The issue is much more of a infrastructure one. We are still under development of a file handling system - to be also used for Impulse Responses, Loopers, Samplers, Sequencers and Recorders. Once a file handling system is sorted out, a file player is very straight forward.

Nevertheless, the inputs of your MOD Duo accept line level :wink:


Hi Gianfranco,
I like that kind of answer!!!

Alternatively, you can use netjack to couple your Mod with you DAW as long as your PC runs Linux. This way you can both record the Mod output or/and feed whatever you like from the PC into the mod.

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:smiley: Your post made me chuckle, @Azza! Helping fellow users out is a great way to resurrect this long-dead thread. :thumbsup:

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Hello, does that feature arrives soon please?

hey @gianfranco, I’m really interested in this feature as well!

any idea of when it comes out?
anything I could help in the development?


+1 for an audio player plugin (that can play mp3 or wav from an USB stick) !!


looking forward to all this! :slight_smile:

  • especially Impulse Responses!

i second this - a good LV2 IR plugin (like the IR.LV2) would be absolutely great. Would love it for reverb and cab simulation. I know there are other plugins for reverb and cab simulation - but I really like my IR files for that.


Me too! But don’t hold your breath… this thread is from July. Unfortunately not this year. :thinking:


any update on the audio player ?
could really use one !
right now i’m stuck with a messy ‘study setup’ where i connect my guitar to input 1 of the MOD and headphone out of my laptop to input 2, but that means i have a couple of dedicated pedal boards just for this purpose (cant use these on stage since i have a second guitar connected to input 2 :frowning:


I would love this too. It would require access to the storage inside the mod (or potentially a USB SD card reader on a bus?)


ideally you would just plug in a usb stick containing audio files (mp3 or wav or whatever) and these would show up in the audio player

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as @gianfranco said in the very beginning:
“We are still under development of a file handling system”

when that is done…all of that should be quite easy…

Well yes but that post was made in 2016.

To me, creating an open filesystem (or opening the existing mod file system) is much more complex and dangerous (in terms of opening the file system up to all users) than a plugin with accesses an external drive or memory card.

Surely it would be a simple matter of selecting the usb device in the plugin and buffering selected files (the same buffer that the looper uses for example).

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There are some technical, specification, and usability hurdles to allowing file uploads to happen within the MOD architecture. Still though, I kind of laugh sometimes at the thought of having $600+ Linux box specifically built for audio processing, and there is no way to play files or samples from the device. :laughing:

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I guess so. If you think of it as a computer, it’s certainly a potential capability, but I always think of it as an effects and audio processing unit, to which end an audio player is a niche feature.

Potentially a future device could have a mini-jack stereo input for other audio devices, and a dedicated volume control, since that’s becoming common on many combo amps.

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what about a spotify client for the MOD ? :wink:


A Youtube player ?

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