Audio File player: preset or file selection

I love the audio player for practice.
Tomorrow, our drummer is absent so we’ll practice with backing tracks for drums.
Ideal moment for the Dwarf to prove himself.

I couldn’t find how to assign either presets or files itself to a knob so I can roll through my available drumtracks.

So if there is no way to do that, that’s a feature request:
ability to cycle through files/presets on the audio player

(I did manage to make different snapshots with a different file loaded though but that needs some foot and handwork :smiley:


You can navigate through preset with a Mod Duo or a Mod Duo X because it has two endless knob. But I don’t know if Dwarf knobs can do that.
But you should be able to assign preset navigation to a footswitch. But only one footswitch can be assignated so you will be able to navigate through preset in only one way.

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I want to revive this topic because I just discovered it and I’m surprised it had so little attention. Indeed, having the possibility to browse the audio file list with an endless knob in the device is an essential feature. Without it, it makes the plugin usable almost only in the Web UI.

Is there a technical problem that prevents the “Audio File” parameter from being assignable ?


I’m waiting for this feature since this plugin exist. I don’t use it because it can be used only with a web UI or if you’ve done your preset before.


Up this one.
Use case : I record some riffs while practicing by myself and next rehearsal would like to go through those with my bandmates without having to lug along my laptop
Any chance this could be possible ?


Yep this is definitely holding me back from using n rehearsals.

Same problem with IR loader too if I remember and AidaX.

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I know I’ve also kvetched about the lack of assignability in another thread but this is the one that came up in search so: based on something @falkTX alluded to, I finally experimented with this and got a working solution. Don’t scroll through files, scroll through presets.

When you upload a file to the Dwarf to be used in the player, just take the extra step of creating a preset that just uses a single file. Then assign all to either an endless knob or to a foot switch. Be aware that the foot switch will cycle through the presets alpha-numerically.

Use case 1: you have different files to play in different songs live, maybe you want it to loop continuously. You have time to kneel down and twiddle a knob, so choose your file with the knob and then hit another switch (device or midi) when it’s time to play the track. Maybe fade it in/out with a midi expression pedal.

Use case 2: you have a song with three separate audio tracks you need to use—say, “Cult Of Personality” by Living Colour. Assign your presets to a foot switch. With the player off, you use the foot switch to select the first track (Malcolm X), let’s call it CLT1. Disable Loop Mode and use another switch to activate the player. It will play the track once. DO NOT DEACTIVATE THE PLAYER. When the time comes to play the JFK quote which you have called CLT2 so that it shows up immediately after CLT1, just hit the assigned-all-presets switch. It will cycle to the next track and immediately play it BECAUSE THE PLAYER IS STILL ON. At the end of the song, hit the button once more to play CLT3, the preset to which you’ve assigned the Roosevelt quote. Song over, great success, and now you can turn the player off.

You may have guessed that I’ve used both of these use cases. They work great. The main caveat if you are using an expression pedal to control volume on some of the presets is that the presets remember the starting volume you save them with (which is not the pedalboard save but the preset save below the presets list). That’s important to note, since maybe you want to fade a rain effect in on one song but have your Cult Of Personality clips come in at volume.