Any Gilmour Fans Here?

That I can tell you that is moving.

That we acknowledge the lack, but it’s not yet moving.

@rogeriocouto it sounds super cool and really close to the original!
I think for now I will need to create some “bin” to drop all of these pedalboards and eventually then find a way to showcase them properly. Optimally it will go to the MOD Audio website


Or perhaps in a first step, we could just create a thread here in the forum where we collect these “sound-like”-pedalboards…


That would be a “perfect bin” and save me some “monkey work”. So then when we want to accommodate that somewhere we will just go there. A bit like the Content Exchange thread.

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I’m trying to replicate the Sound-On_sound effect used by David Gilmour on several occasions but i need your help. The effect is for simulating long keyboard chords
as a background to the Intro solo in Shine on you crazy diamond
even in the absence of a keyboard.

First used in Meltdown Live 2001/2002 (acoustic event), he strums with volume down, then smoothly raises the volume up. This way, there is no attack on the note, it’s all just smooth sustain.

There are two effect lines, line A for solo and line B for Sound-On-Sound effects,
it consists of a Roland SDD-3000 Digital Delay set at 1500ms with long feedback.
The trick is the expression pedal placed between the two lines (usually after
the input compressor) which functions as an A/B switch.

Dwarf doesn’t have (at the moment) an external volume pedal and so I’m trying to replicate the effect with a switch but without success. SwitchBox 1-2 does not allow the selection of the two channel with the momentary footswitch also adding a CV control doesn’t do the function. For sure there is something I’m doing wrong

@Rino2, I think the pedalboard that @jesse shared here some time ago can help you

It’s a different use case, but I believe that you can adapt it for what you need.
Let us know if you need some extra help.

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I’ll try it…
There’s any plan to implement a sort of copy and paste between pedalboard?

Thanks again

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You’re welcome.
Please share the results.

There’s a plan, but it’s not in the foreseeing roadmap.

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Thanks for all…
I’ll post a picture of the pedalboard.
I wont post the real one because it’s not ready from the sound point of view. It’s my first one and I’m still searching for the better plugin for each part of the sound.

About the title of the discussion…
Have you already think about the specific artists section of the pedalboard site?


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As promised, this is the Alpha version of the “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” with Sound-On-Sound effects. As said the best solution should be an external expression pedal but this version works…


Thanks for sharing @Rino2.
Can I ask you to share directly the pedalboard in the feed? instead of a screenshot…And please add a sound demo :slight_smile:


Ooooo Yes, absolutelly… as soon as the sounds “sound” good and Gilmour like stile I’ll share this and maybe another one… about the sound demo …well I’ll try my best!!


As promised… Here is my FIRST all made by myself pedalboard on Gilmour sound:

Some notes here…

  • I Must use the Portal plugins because the use of the CPU was very high (spikes of 98%)
  • It is my first pedalboard so … for sure it’isnt optimized… fell free to modify it respecting the sound and let me know what are the modification
  • I’ve not inserted a demo because… my fault I did’nt know the it was live !! I have prepared an mp3 file soo … How to insert it???
  • The final volume control and the two CV control are setted for external expression pedal connected to the Chocolate midi footswitch. So if you have no Chocolate pedal and/or expression … delete it
  • The audio file player is inserted because I use to play with Backing Tracks, if you don’t have it… delete…
  • PLAY (for audio Player) and most of the pedals are mapped on Dwarf Control (footswitch and rotary)
  • The Chorus on second out channel is inserted to create a virtual stereo (better dual mono) as Gilmour used to do…
    Edit… last important note… the real core of this pedalboard is… outside the pedalboard. Gilmour plais this song ( and the last one of the record) with finger, no pick no nails. Also he use a Gibson Les Paul gold top with P90 pickup

I think there aren’t more thinks to say … Optimize it…

@jon Can I inserte a demo AFTER the pedalboard share? as mp3 file…

ooohhh forgot to say … The Portal plugins are BETA… so my pedalboard is in the beta conteiner
another oooppssss… This pedalboard is also valid (with a little sound ajustement) on
“… and then” first and last songs on “Rattle That Lock” album


I have another Pedalboard to post, it’s working very well but to be “as I want/like” I need a plugin that is not present in the collection. Read here:

I used it with external expression pedal connected to the midi Chocolate

I’ve posted this question in a discussione too ol(2 years)…

Sorry… For sure I’ve miss something but… In all (well quite all) CV control there is a Button called SMOOTHING.
What’s usefull for???


No one have an idea what use have the button SMOOTHING on CV control?
I have used in with midi expression pedal but I can’t ear or see difference when it’s on or off

I made this!
Hope you like it.There are snapshots for different parts of the song.Experiment!


I love it, you could record report it here (and maybe record some more audio)

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Thanks, I’ll try it this afternoon… I have ready to share this song in Sound-on-Sound version. I’ll post in this days. But it must be used with external expression pedal (midi or future Mod one).
I wanto to repropose an old question;
Do you know what use have the button SMOOTHING on CV control?

Thanks again

As promised … Shine-On in Sound-On-Sound version (intro only)
This works for acoustic version too… Meltdown Live 2001/2002 (acoustic event)

Note: Actually it’s “tuned” on Gibson Les Paul with P90 pickup (the guitar I have with me). If you use a Fender with SS (neck puckup) or Fender with active pickup (like mine EMG DG 20) is necessary to modify volume and gain…