AIDA-X Cloud Beta

Could we have a special site or cloud for all the aida models? I tried aida and nam and aida is quite good.
my only problem is that nam has (for me!!) the better models made of users. but aida works better in my mod dwarf. so that is tricky for me to decide

currently people have been sharing models here in the Forum and all these shares are compiled in this topic: List of shared models

The AIDA team has been working on the AIDA Cloud: AIDA-X Cloud | AI Tone!

As soon as the AIDA team tells it is stable and working, we’ll contact all users in the forum who shared models and ask to re-share at AIDA-X Cloud.


very good news!!! Thank you. I appreciate your work and your engagement!! keep on

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AIDA-X Cloud is now LIVE! 🌐✨

You can sign up for AIDA-X Cloud and explore a growing collection of amp models.


AIDA-X Cloud


Nice, although password recovery is not working. (2 tries)
It goes well untill I click the link in my e-mail I receive to reset it.
I end up on the homepage with nothing different happening vs I would go to the homepage manually.

I’ll send you the pass reset link in pm
It will be epired by the time you read it but at least the parameters could say something

@LievenDV thanks for the report and pm.
Issue should be fixed.

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yeahh. Please load up your models here!

The cloud is growing. Please load up your models there. Even if you did it here in the forum. Then we have one place to get all we want!! :star_struck:

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I’ve pinged everyone who posted a model :slight_smile:

@spunktsch would be great to clarify somewhere about the extension change and the naming convention.

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I updated the fileupload page with the info.

@itskais should alter the training script so that all the info is in the meta data and can be optained from the upload script.

Please use the following naming for you files:

They have to be renamed with the file extension .aidax


eg. fender_twinreverb_normal_standard_AIDADSP.aidax

  • LSTM12 = light
  • LSTM16 = standard
  • LSTM20 = high
  • LSTM40 = desktop
  • LSTM80 = ultra

Yessssssss. Let’s make this thing great!!