AIDA-X Cloud Beta

AIDA-X Cloud Beta -

thanks to the great people @ToneHunt we are now able to host our own cloud.

If you want to upload your own models and want to be a beta tester just drop us an email at with the username you’d like.

There are still a few things todo until we can open up registrations.

📥 Get the Latest Models in One Place:

No more hunting for models all over the internet! With AIDA-X Cloud, you can now easily download the newest models from a single, convenient location.

🆕 All Model Creators – Registration Opens Soon!

Stay tuned for updates, and be part of the AIDA-X Cloud community. We’re making AI simple and accessible to everyone!


This is a really good news

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Very good @spunktsch !!


It would be incredible user friendly to have example audio files of the models already while browsing.
Even a couple of equal standards to compare the models. Guitar, Bass, Voice, Drums, Synth, Mallets.

Ah, and the possibility to update a model. In the Mod Padleboards are all sorts of - trial & error - entries that can not be cared about and made better since the interface does not allow it. This could lead to quality rise.

And a rating and sorting system. :wink:

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Minor issue (very minor but hey) with the “login or sign up” button at the top right is that the white text doesn’t stand out clearly from the green background. Perhaps a dark text would stand out more.

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But the pity is, that nobody uploads amps. check NAM. there are thousands of really good models!

Have you gone through this list already? → List of shared models - #34 by gianfranco

yes, as I said, it is not very long.
Better is the integration in tonehunt, where you can filter, but there are only 5 models ;-(

I think you need to scroll up, there are like a hundred models for you to try in that topic.


Yes there are. Between April and today there are hundreds of models linked.
Or you have to manually go through this entire forum-section: Neural Modelling - MOD Audio Forum

(the goal of the topic I linked was so that people should not have to do that)

But yes it would be much more convenient if these are all shared on the Aida-X tonehunt page.
However I assume that that list has to be more curated/vetted rather than completely user generated.

Here is a pdf version of that topic. If you still claim there are only a couple models on that page I’m going to assume there is something wrong with reality :thinking:

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Ok, I will check again

Maybe it would be a good idea, to create an official request to everyone who created a model, to also upload it to the aida-x cloud. Would make it easier for everyone to find the already availabe models and give a boost to the platform.


that’s probably the best idea. I’ll activate registration for the site next week and ping @gianfranco to take care of the rest.

Disclaimer: there are no captured models of plugins and modelers allowed.


let’s do it :metal:

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what is the problem loading it to tonehunt? Why users do it for nam but not for aida?

where is this cloud?

Tonehunt does not accept AIDA-X files, just NAM.

There were talks about adding AIDA, but it never actually happened.

Furthermore, the filtering system at Tonehunt has been all broken for months, so finding specific models there is not that convenient.