Accessing Plugin Store from Dwarf

I must be missing something. I went to purchase a plugin for my dwarf. I add to cart, click checkout and it just goes to an opening soon page.

I am running I perfromed the update again, but still won’t let me purchase. It is a founders edition.

Which browser and OS are you using? Maybe try a different browser?
(btw the only difference with the Founders Edition is the enclosure. internal hardware and software are 100% identical)

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I see. No safari. Logged in with Firefox and the store worked great.


I have 3 plugins in my cart, but when I go to checkout, I am confronted with a screen that tells me that the store will be opening soon, and that I should fill in my email to be the first to know!?!
What gives?

Moved your topic here as you describe the exact same result.

Are you also using Safari browser when you see this?

Browser 100%

Ah, I missed this topic, thank you. Yes, I was using Safari on my work computer. How annoying that that browser works with hardly anything.


I’ve tried with Safari and had no issues :frowning: