About profiles, inputs and outputs

I’m trying to make my Duo work at its best and I’m having some problems configuring the profiles. In addition to the Duo having the known problem with saving profiles, I’m not sure which input and output levels I should use for each situation.
In the Wiki, the suggestion for pre-programmed input parameters is indicated in % and in Duo it appears in Db. As I had already saved a profile… everything is at -12db. Anyway… I don’t really understand what happens inside the device.
Another thing… what is stereo Link? what he does? where do you live? what does it feed on?
Today I use the mod in the following circumstances:

Situation 1

  • Guitar - Wha Boss - SD1 BOSS - Blues Driver Marshall - INPUT HANDMADE JCM 800 50W - SEND - MOD DUO INPUT 1 (what would be the best gain level?) - OUTPUT 1 (What would be the best output level) - RETURN.

  • Shure SM58 Microphone - MOD DUO INPUT 2 (what would be the best gain level?) - OUTPUT 2 (What would be the best output level) - DI20 BEHRINGER - SOUNDBOARD.

Situation 2

  • Guitar - Wha Boss - SD1 BOSS - Blues Driver Marshall - MOD DUO INPUT 1 (what would be the best gain level?) - OUTPUT 1 (What would be the best output level) - INPUT AMPLIFIER.

  • input and output of channel 2 of the Duo equal to situation 1.

I suggest that on the wiki you make a list of these possible combinations or indicate input and output levels for them, as well as for active instruments, single/humbuker pickups, condenser or dynamic microphones, etc… I think it would help a lot. Even if it’s a “suggestion” or has a “range” it wouldn’t help.

And please… let’s always talk with the same units of measurement. If it is in Db, speak in Db.


Additionally, I change guitars during performances:

  • Fender Americana Strato 1996 - STANDARD TUNNING
  • Gregório Telecaster (handmade by me) with Fender pickup and electric - STANDARD TUNNING
  • Gregório Strato (handmade by me) with Fender pickup and electric - Tuned in DGDF#BD
  • Ibanez semi-acoustic in normal tuning or in DGDF#BD.

Sometimes I need to change the tunings of one or the other. I also like to use DGDF#BD tunings at 432hz when possible and in recordings.
I really feel the difference between how the MOD responds to the guitars. I try to regulate this through snapshots by changing the effect settings… but it becomes a mess in my head, changing profiles would be faster and more intuitive.

the tuner was really bad… I was using an external one, but I think the MOD should fully serve me for that. Including possibilities for changing hz and profiles to know what I’m tuning…in fact, it should be polyphonic, given the capacity that the device proposes.

Another thing, should I use a balanced cable for the microphone? I’m using a p10 connector to send to the DI and an xlr-p10 cable to connect the mic to the mod. Is there a problem if I connect the balanced input and the unbalanced output or vice versa? in DI should I reduce gains?
I say this because I haven’t gotten a good voice result yet.

  • stereo link is a way to consider your inputs 1 & 2 as a single stereo input, so you have the same level input.
  • so you adjust both gain inputs with a single knob.
  • I live in Villeurbanne, next to Lyon
  • Villeurbanne feeds on taxes and transforms them into public services

Not sure the Duo had the new tuner that came with the last update… Did you do the 1.13 update ?

You know you can do this, don’t you ?
Not sure it is useful though, since there are sooo many different set-ups (even if we are talking about guitars), so the good way to tune the input gain is like a Mixing Desks : make it louder enough so the leds are orange, but not red because it means the converters are clipping (you should hear it).

Yes, as you may have seen it here, your ModDuo has balanced inputs.



sorry, the translator made me sound crazy. I was making a Brazilian joke and now that I see it, it sounds really strange.

I can’t say either. But he is behaving strangely.

I want to do that… but I’m having problems saving the profiles. When you save one, it subscribes to all of them. When you restart the DUO, all profiles have an input of -12Db.

Yes I know. I was hoping for advice from users for these situations.

Anyway, thanks for the help.

I tested it now and it really seems to be a GUI problem, at least it returned to memory what I had saved in a profile. I’m going to test saving different input gains on different profiles to see if it saves these changes.

It really is a GUI problem. The mod saves presets separately.
When the MOD is restarted, or another profile is loaded, it changes to what was defined. This way, when you go back to the tab to change the input parameters, in this case, when you select the channel you want to check, it shows the value that is programmed.
Either way, it’s an error that needs to be corrected.