ZynAddSubFX plugin for MOD devices?

I saw there is no ZynAddSubFX LV2 plugin for MOD Duo - I guess it’s a pretty heavy plugin, but I wonder if there is any chance or running Zyn on a MOD device?

We have it running, but performance is an issue.
There’s some possible optimizations to do, but not much time for it at the moment.

If you get mod-plugin-builder, you can build zynaddsubfx and try it out.
Or enable the “unstable” plugins, but I don’t want to report how to do that at this point…

Is there something that needs optimization within ZynAddSubFX?
Is MOD using a custom-modified version of the Zyn code?
Would it be possible to port your optimizations back to the Zyn main trunk later?

IIUC most of the optimization will be specific to the ARM processor on the MOD, which won’t really be very applicable to desktop mod version. But maybe some generic optimizations could be found which would.

But TBH even amsynth causes Xruns on the MOD, I don’t have really high hopes for zyn. But I’ve been wrong a lot, and I’d love to be wrong about that.

amsynth allocates memory for each note it receives, so xruns are sorta expected if pushing too much from it.

well thats a bad design… :\
Kinda dissappointing, cause I would really like to use the mod for synths.
I’ve had some xruns with Triceratops too, does it have something like that or is it just a bit heavy?

I think Mark McCurry has fixed a lot of the realtine-safety issues in the 3.0 branch. Is there any update on the matter?

It just came so that I have a MOD Duo on my hands now, and I’d love to make it synth!


Hi @unfa,
I remember, I tried building ZynAddSubFX for the Duo some weeks ago and it did not compile, I forgot why exactly. I would love to have that synth running on the Duo and I will take a look at it after MOD has released the next product, the Duo X.

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oh yes! that would be sweet

I’ve opened an issue in the Zyn-Fusion Github repository:


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I am revisiting an old topic to bring in some news.
Been doing some testing with zynaddsubfx

this is a Duo X with the upcoming v1.10
still work-in-progress, I am in talks with the official developer for some extra integration.


wow I much prefer the sound of this synth to the noisemaker!!! :smiley: can’t wait to have this!