Zugspitze R+ | Delay and Reverb Pedal

Zugspitze R+ | Delay and Reverb Pedal

This is Version 0.8 of my Pedal for the Mod Dwarf.
Check it out on YouTube

I use it as an quick and easy creative tool with lots of versatility. It goes from subtle dotted 8th to ambient swells with just 5 knobs.

Comes with 6 presets and a custom tails when switched off.


Thanks for sharing this!
Once again, super cool video :slight_smile:
And also super cool pedalboard and track. At some parts kind of reminds me some video games haha


instant bliss in my ears :smiley:

Meant in a good way; sounds like The Edge from U2 teamed up with Mod devices :wink:


Very cool. Interesting configuration with so few audio components and so many MIDI/CV. I will need to study this.

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thanks. I’m really high on Angels and Airwaves - thats what im going for. The Edge made that dotted 8th big.


thank you. My approach here was to get way from the web interface and have only a few controls on the device. The CV control multiple parameter on the various plugin. I’ll have proper description when Version 1.0 is ready.


For those of us who don’t speak “genius pedalbuilder-ese”, how do we learn / read about how you created this? It’s absolutely cool!

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it’s not that complicated as it seems. My approach was to have one knob controlling multiple knobs on the plugins. It was more trial and error but it helped that I know what I want to achieve.

If there is enough interest I’ll make a YouTube video about my approach and a quick tutorial.


Thank you! Meanwhile I’ll check the board again and see if I can figure it out.

There’s still room for more materials on this, but maybe start with this tutorial :wink: