Zoom cdr70 usb

Trying to finalize a little stereo board and struggling to get my Zoom CDR70 to recognise anything from the Dwarf.

I know the Zooms aren’t MIDI but it does recognise 1-51 PC changes OMNI which I have confirmed with Ableton, and it switches fine. However when I set up a MINDI to send a PC message out via USB nothing happens. I have USB Gadget enabled and separate MID serial and still nothing.

I think I have connected everything I can and tried each output, is there anything I am missing?


There is any plugin on Dwarf that sends midi message over USB?

I presume that the Mindi would if I connected it to the usb gadget out but doesnt seem to register at the zoom end.

I might try and see if it will register with my Helix tomorrow if I get chance

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Ok its dumb ass Thursday. Had another go this morning and actually found I had a new check box in MIDI setting to enable the Zoom. And it gets a separate MIDI out too!

Next problem though is when using snapshots to control the MINDI it doesnt actually send the PC change automatically


Just wondering if I add a second zoom will it create an extra software USB midi socket or will it just use the same one ? Could be quite handy as they operate on omni mode

I believe it should create a second one.
But this is a tricky one with MIDI controllers and depends always on all the manufacturers set the identification system

Picking a second CDR up later so will find out. If it does work I’ll be super happy as that is why I bought the Dwarf!

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OK tested with a second CDR70 , shows up as a second output but unfortunately when you select one USB out the other gets a plug in the socket too preventing any further use.

Shame but to be expected I suppose.

Did you try the “Aggregated” mode for midi input?

Sorry Simon, should have been more specific. I was looking to control the zooms separately. Connecting them agregately works perfectly but both receive the same message and not what I was looking for.

I have a stereo board setup with Line 6 M5, Dwarf and Zoom MS70CDR, which works perfectly with Dwarf feeding Midi to both. I was just being greedy thinking I could sneak a second MS70CDR onto the USB out - which I can but can’t be bothered programing both independently will stick with just the one



To control the Zooms separately, you would need the ability to send MIDI on specific MIDI channels for each one.

Basically a “Y” box that would send MIDI form let say channel 1 to USB port A and channel 2 to USB port B.

I did a quick search and could not find a MIDI device that did that specifically. There is the iConnectivity mioXM that is a fantactic MIDI routing machine but will most likely be way overkill and too expensive for your case.

A couple of years ago, I made an Arduino MIDI controller project for my MS-60B (the bass brother of the MS70CDR). I’ll take a look to see if I could add a second USB host module and make a “Y” box…


Yeah that’s what I thought. There was a midi host that had separate outs I found a while ago that would give a separate channel for each out but it was a bit pricey and can’t remember who made it.

The link was pretty cool but a bit much for a basic pedal board.

I’d be interested to know what your MS60B project was. Did it just send midi pc over USB or did you manage to find away to control parameters too?

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My goal with the MS-60B was to have foot switches to bring into focus the desired effect from the 4 slots available and then use the MS-60B’s own stomp to switch that effect on or off.

To do this, it is not simply a matter of sending MIDI CC and PC messages but rather read a fixed block of data, modifying it and sending it back to the Zoom device.

It may be possible to change specific effect parameters but you would have to know how the parameters are organized within the data. This is not an easy task since not all effects will have the same parameters and even if they do, it does not mean they will be in the same byte location inside the message.

If you want to read on the subject, here a link I found that describes the specification for USB control of the Zoom MS series:
Zoom MS70-CDR MIDI Specification


Yeah…This is one of the most basic things that really annoys me with MIDI and I can’t understand why it works like this (and please note that mostly I really love MIDI!). It doesn’t make sense even in a simple business perspective - like, sell 20 controllers exactly the same to the same user because he/she really loves that specific controller.

if the Zoom had some other MIDI port than the USB, you could do some sort of workaround on this. This way you will need som sort of “breakout” box to do the split.

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