Zipper sound when using MIDI expression pedal - Shiro Verb

I’m experimenting with things to use my MIDI expression pedal with.

One of the things that sounds good is when I turn up the room size on Shiro Verb. Playing with the room size all the way down and the ratio set at octave+ it plays an octave note up as I play (tracks great!). Then at the end of the phrase I like to make the shimmer just ring out… but when I assign the control to the expression pedal (EV-5 plugged into my SoftStep) it sounds like a zipper (or clipping) as I move the pedal.

Is this because MIDI is only 127 steps and the steps are too big for this control? Will the new expression pedals eliminate this issue?
or is this something within the plugin?

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Hey @Skydiver

That is a plugin issue. There is no parameter smoothing to prevent that.

We already though of implementing this on the host side but would be quite a challenge and ideally should be implemented by the plugin as it is a ono-on-one basis.

I’ll contact Nino about it. Such a great plugin deserves that kind of polishing :slight_smile:



Thanks @gianfranco !

Yes! I love this plugin!

I use it as a nice thick reverb with ratio set at 1 (unison) and also love playing with ethereal sounds with it set at octave+.

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I love it too.

It is surely in my top ten list!

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