Zappa's "We're only in it for the money" 55th anniversary

Listening to Heavy Duty Judy live again. It also reminds me how Zappa’s music was not also always just strictly about guitar. That trombone intro is soooo great. The real star of Zappa shows was really the music more than anything else. Above Zappa himself. For him Music really was the best.

Yeah I should really listen to Zappa some more… So thanks for tagging me in! Weird thing is that I have more Jean Luc Ponty records than Zappa records and the guy doesn’t even play guitar :joy: But I’ll be on the lookout when I go record hunting again.
As for tones, he sounds incredible. That Cosmik Debris video, looks like an old SG with a Maestro Vibrola but everything else seems to be modded, extra switches, different pickups (or he pulled of the covers) and the neck is just bizarre, looks like a maple neck or something? Oh found it (Frank Zappa Signature Roxy SG | SG Wiki | Fandom), it’s mahogany actually but in a natural finish. And I can’t discern what amps he’s using, sounds Marshall’y. Will be hard to nail that tone :smiley:


I’ve always loved Zappa, got much of his music. The track that gets me every time is “Directly From My Heart to You” from Weasels Ripped My Flesh, hearing Don Harris’ violin doing what feels like a harmonica part (and the vocals) is just magic! (4) Frank Zappa - Directly from my heart to you - YouTube for those who don’t know it!


That’s one of my favorite concert intros. Great brass section, Zappa comes in, great guitar solo, and then the daily “secret word” followed by that sarcastic and ironic storytelling about Johnny Cash (“unfortunately, his wife got sick, so he couldn’t come”), which in the end is all a ruse to play the Ring of Fire cover. The way he has the audience in the palm of his hand is unbelievable.

I wish there were videos from the “Pigs and Repugnant” season at the Garrick Theater, New York, in 1967. Many of his early phase musicians joined the Mothers after watching these concerts and, according to Ruth, this is when he learned “how far he could go” in terms of audience participation :slight_smile:


And here’s a photo of the great Vaudeville band for the Friday mood.
The bassist is about to be missing is so many different ways.
George Duke coming right out of music school, with a face of whom has no idea of what’s coming :grinning:

Many dislike this formation but I really enjoy it. I find Asley Dunbar to be an exquisitely amazing drummer. Flo & Eddie are a great singing duo.

Has anyone here watched 200 Motels?

I have seen it but I can’t remember anything except it was surrealistic and psychedelic. Maybe I was too. :slight_smile:


Weren’t we all? :smiley:

I think this movie is so revolutionary that it is even difficult to digest. The cognitive load is just too high…


This might be of your interest then:


We know this passage of the “Mallets of invention” documentary very well :wink:

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Thank you, thank you, thank you :slight_smile:

Frank Zappa - The Torture Never Stops

Edit: better IMHO

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Oh. I had missed this…

This song is so good. Thanks :slight_smile:

I think the ZINY version is my favorite for this song. The ensemble in this particular concert was really one of a kind, featuring what would be the “rocking teenage combo” plus a brief return of Ruth Underwood and some support from the Saturday Night Live band.

And, to honor the sad passing of Tina Turner yesterday, here’s an article from the recordings of 73 to 75, with the Ikettes.

For me, the participation of Tina and her singers on Apostrophe and Overnight Sensation are some of the high points in those albums.

The story revolving the “forty dollar bill” in Dinah-Moe Humm still makes me laugh a lot :slight_smile:

[EDIT] - Someone in YT already compiled the song sections:
Tina Turner and the Ikettes with Frank Zappa Singing Backup Vocals - YouTube


Frank Zappa - Over-Nite Sensation heard so many times and over and over again … .
Frank Zappa - Montana

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Anybody here going to Zappanale 2023?

maybe @RDNZL ? :slight_smile:

Yes I am !
I will reach Hambourg on Thursday, and then onto Bad Doberan in all maners of buses and trains on Friday.

I wish…