Your Main Instrument/Use for the MOD?

While the Mod Duo and Dwarf seem to be mostly at home for guitar/bass players for the live environment, and the Duo X would seem most at home in a synth/studio environment, I’m curious to hear how all of you make use of your MOD devices.

As a follow up, does the MOD of your choice meet/exceed your expectations for your musical use case?

I guess I’ll share my own use/expectations:

I’m primarily a guitar player, and I was initially drawn to the MOD after seeing the demo by Benn Jordan where he created a full accompaniment to his own guitar playing using the MOD’s internal MIDI capabilities.

What I’m hoping to eventually get from the MOD Duo X that I recently picked up is to have the MOD as a digital music director that will handle accompaniment, as well as guitar effects, and a potential interface with modular synthesis in the same vein as what Rhett Shull is doing about 16 minutes into this video:

(timestamp 15:54 for what I’d like to do with the Modular side of things)

So far, I’m loving the processing power, as it makes pretty much any other multi effects processor I’ve used look like a toy from the 90’s. And I’m slowly exploring how to integrate it into/alongside my current guitar rig. Hopefully I’ll soon be able to post some clips of successful sonic experiments.

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That’s also what had drawn me to the system.Espacially the Benn Jordan demo. The capabilities to have everything on the same board and flicking through backing(midi) tracks. Or hooking up a Launpad and using the sequencer for that.

Thats what I did here basically:


There are two other boards from the community that explore your wished aspect in a marvelous way.

One of them is the Bata board, by @kikodelmar : bata - MOD Audio

It has a MIDI generated backing track with bass, drums and electric piano.

The other is Dwarf Stop Motion - MOD Audio by @Clement which is not only very good, but was used by him to create this amazing unboxing/overview video:


Wow!!! This stop motion it is absolutely great!


hey @SomeGuyNamedRob !

i’ve been using MOD devices right from the beginning… Duo, DuoX and Dwarf all primarily as preamps and effects chains for live playing with reed instruments - i have pickups in most of them.

i also do some synthy loopy stuff from time to time with the DuoX.

there’s lots of scope for using these devices in all kinds of different scenarios… i’ve gotta start making some videos to help expand the picture a bit beyond the current guitar-centric push! :wink:


@plutek - I would love to see how people use the MOD ecosystem outside the Guitar/Bass/Synth world. I bet a lot of other people would love to see that as well.


Really interesting topic. Any of you use MOD DWARF for processing dinamic mic signal? I’m wondering about MOD DWARF capabilities when dealing with vocals and percussion.

Thks and regds

I think at least a few people are using it for vocals. I did some limited testing with two Shure mics - one for vocal, one near an acoustic guitar sound hole - and my takeaway was that I’d need a pre-amp in front. IIRC I had to raise the input levels a bit and that resulted in a lot of noise.

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I’m using the DUO X as a studio FX unit - but have to say it’s working pretty well as a spare synth too.


I am a vibraphone player and I´d like the idea of the dwarf beeing my go-to-guy :wink: