Yet another bluetooth thread

Hi @Boi_Social,
I will temper @jon’s enthusiasm because I received mine and it’s recognized by the Dwarf but doesn’t connect to my Linux PC nor to my Android phone. It seems that there’s a regression in the Linux kernel that makes it not work on recent kernels :

I don’t know if the one you saw has the exact same chip as mine but I wanted to warn you before you buy it because it seems to be a known problem with those CSR Chinese clones. I will investigate later and let you know. For now, I’m a bit sick of the time I spent choosing a Bluetooth dongle that was supposed to work and looking for information about its problem.


Pfff damn I can imagine…
Well that sucks xD
Wish I could just easily find an affordable dongle here xD

Well, I guess the safest way is to find a branded one that has been tested by somebody in the forum with the latest MOD version. Because there’s no official recommendation anywhere and even the tiny table in the wiki is outdated :
But maybe the one I bought is faulty.

Bluetooth is too slow IMHO, slow below usability bar, and I am afraid that you would not be rewarded appropriately for the amount of effort you spend to enable it.

On the other hand you can try wifi instead, it has it’s own problems, but at least you would have decent connection speed.

Also FalkTX had mentioned that there would be wifi AP mode for MOD devices in next releases Android phone with USB cable on the Dwarf - #15 by falkTX

Therefore I perceive wifi approach to be much more promising.


Hi @ignis32,
I understand what you mean and I don’t think I would use Bluetooth to access the Web UI. The main reason I bought this dongle is to connect my Chocolate MIDI controller and use it to browse snapshots.

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Unfortunately I doubt that it is possible to use regular bluetooth dongle for that. At least it did not work that way several releases ago for me with a bluetooth dongle which was working with Webui.

Also here Connecting a Bluetooth Midi device to a dwarf with bluetoothdongle - #2 by falkTX
@FalkTX mentions that it is not supported. Last reliable news in that thread are dated with Feb 2022 and bluetooth midi had not been yet supported at that moment due to old bluez stack.
Hope one day it would be implemented.

What you can use in your case is a dedicated bluetooth-midi dongle, it would look like a regular usb-midi device from the MOD device stand point, not different from connecting a usb midi keyboard for example, all the bluetooth wirless stuff would be handled by the dongle itself.

M-VAVE MS-1 dongle (from that same vendor who makes Chocolate) worked fine to connect my Chocolate and I used it for a several month to send CC signals to control pedalboard, before switching from Chocolate to Softstep.

( Did not work with Artiphon Orba2 though)

I also recall discussing more expensive but probably more easy to get CME WIDI dongles in the Chocolate thread MIDI "Chocolate" 🍫 controller with the Mod Dwarf, an introduction but i do not remember if they work fine with that controller. UPD: CME does not work with chocolate, according to the thread.


Maybe could be possible to use other dongle instead of M-VAVE MS-1. But is needed that exists some way to pair the dongle and the Chocolate. When we are using the MS-1 dongle, it automatically pairs with Chocolate (I use this M-VAVE dongle too and works like a charm).

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Thanks @ignis32. You may save me a lot of time trying to make this dongle work with my computer only to realize it won’t work with the Chocolate. I may buy the M-Vave MS1 or stick to USB.

Thanks you also @SrMouraSilva. If I buy a dongle, I think I’ll choose the M-Vave as it seems trouble free and cheap.


But… what is the difference between using USB or Midi dongle? I bought the MS1 with Chicolate but actually I have connected the footswitch to Dwarf with usb cable.
So I don’t understand if there is a real difference…

@SrMouraSilva … do you have news about you plugins? I know this us offtopic …

Hello, @Rino2

I think that there isn’t any difference. I prefer to use with dongle but, yesterday, for example, I forgot it, them I used the USB cable.

Maybe the Power consumption with USB can be bigger compared with the dongle. But it is just a possibility, I’m not sure about it. And it will not interfere you unless if you want to use a lot of USB things on your Device.

At my part I think that they are ok. They maybe need a fine tuning, but I will discover this with your feedback. Let’s stay connected with Mod news. The Mod team are currently with a lot of work related to Expression pedal and AIDA-X.

Something that I would like to know is if it’s possible to connect two Chocolates into a single dongle. Probably there isn’t. :sweat_smile:

I am under impression that all these M-Vave devices are able to work only with other one device at a time. A least my observations meet this statement.

I have three M-vave devices currently - usb dongle, chocolate, and a DIN midi dongle. When you turn on any two of these they automatically connect each other, and the third device after turning on keeps searching, unable to find a pair. No connection configuration software is available, so basically it behaves as one to one connection to the first available another free device and there is nothing you can do with that.

Most probably it is assumed that if you want to use more than one chocolate in one room, your use case is expected to have two dongles and two chocolates, and due to the lack of configuration utilities “who connects who” can be defined only by the order of turning on the devices to pair each other. and that’s requires first dongle to be “busy” and refuse new connections when enabling second chocolate. Also, one-to-one connection is just easier/cheaper to implement, and we are speaking about dirt-cheap devices from china here.


Hello Jon!
I got the TP link dongle from the Wiki page and it connects to my tablet BUT it will only connect if I turn off WiFi…?
So how do I open the GUI without WiFi…???
Please help.

Btw I’m also wondering what one would use a WiFi dongle for on the mod duo?

this is normal on android, it does not allow bluetooth network while mobile data or WiFi is on.
for opening the gui using bluetooth use as IP (note the 50 instead of regular 51 as used in USB)


Great! That worked thanks :slight_smile:
Could u explain what the use of getting a WiFi adapter would be btw?

That would allow a wireless connection to a computer to use the Web GUI. It should be faster than Bluetooth.

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Any other applications besides connecting to the UI?
Why have the option of both??


Both what ?

both bluetooth and wifi…

Basically “why not”, considering that in both cases external dongles are required, and who knows what do you have on your shelf to plug it. I do not see a problem in having both options.

To my understanding, wifi support had been added later as an experimental feature, so having both has at least historical reasons, as a part of continuous development.

I hope that in the future wifi could be used as a hotspot for accessing webui, and updated bluez stack would lead to midi-over-bluetooth support without CME WIDI dongles. If it would happen one day, it’s how it makes a perfect sense to have both even working in the same time.


Tried Hama bluetooth 5 dongle with Dwarf, seems to have Realtek chip in it. It shows only “starting” forever when I go to bluetooth menu and doesn’t go past that. Any tips how to get it to work, or should I just get different dongle?