Yamaha Electone B-30R Organ + Mod Duo

Thought you all might like this. :slight_smile:


Hi @JohannesG

That sounds really good.

I wonder what part from the sound design comes from the Duo and what comes from the Yamaha keyboard :wink:

very cool!

@gianfranco The pedalboard I used was relatively basic, and I did not change many values during the performance. Most of the changing tones was done with the additive synthesis [Sic?] on the Yamaha. But the Mod Duo really tied the sound together and made it work. (That Shiro Shimmer reverb is mindblowing!)


thanks a lot for the description @JohannesG

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@JohannesG do you mind sharing this Pedalboard online? I’d like to hear how it sounds…
It’s nice having a keyboard using MOD Duo for a change. I’m a jazz piano player myself but quite rusty…

@acunha Thank you for the interest. Although note that the pedalboard is relatively simple and in my opinion not really worth sharing officially as it can be recreated in seconds by hand. Triple Chorus -> GxMultiBandDelay -> TubeScreamer -> Shiroverb. I think most of the effects had default values on them except maybe the Shiroverb which I might have adjusted slightly to my liking. (yet, if there is continued interest in me sharing this pedalboard, I’ll do it)

Also, there’s no synth in that pedalboard as my hardware Yamaha Electone (pictured above) is taking care of that.