X42 - SetBfree-Controller

Non news ?

@FanchLoric, I’m working on this right now. The controller is already merged with our system but the regular setbfree has to be updated in order to work with the controller. Before I can push the update to the store, we will have to test the update first. I will post an update here when the package is updated and the controller is in the store.

ok i will wait.

@FanchLoric, just a small update here. We have just finished the testing. I will update the plugins in the store tomorrow morning.

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ok thanks

The setbfree controller is now available as a beta plugin in the store. The setbfree synth is also updated in the store. The update of the setbfree needs to be installed before the plugin can be used with the controller because the controller is not compatible with the older version of the plugin.


I’m away from the Duo so I can not check. Let me see if I got that straight.

I could now install a setBfree plugin AND a setBfree controller and have an organ simulator with adjustable knobs and drawbars in the Duo???

And how does it work? Are all knows bound to MIDI CC messages? Are they customizable in some way in the plugins or are they fixed?


I have created that https://pedalboards.moddevices.com/pedalboards/5f786904a703e8286628f4ad to show how you can use it.

setBfree supports MIDI CC, so you don’t need the controller to use it. But if you don’t have MIDI hardware to control all this stuffs, this software controller allow you to connect the Mod hardware to setBfree. Here i have setup an example to control the upper bars with the knobs of the 1st page (lower bars with the 2nd, and pedal with the third). Plus few other things (the 1st push button is used to random all the bars).


BTW i have noticed that the vibrato knob look and feel is not working well, cause i guess https://github.com/moddevices/mod-ui/pull/98 was not merged in the last Mod version. This patch was already accepted and merged in the simulator.

Thanks for your answer.

So basically the controller is a GUI to directly fiddle with the setBfree settings from the Duo web interface.

It’s great for working on the PC if you have no keybord around. Actually I’d like to see something similar for the other instrument type plugins in the Mod, like the drums.

But are the CC to parameter mapping in the setBfee plugin fixed or assignable? Are they documneted somewhere? I remember that in the standalone setBfree they can be configured in a text file, but I dn’t tink it’s the case of the Mod devices.

setBfree provides a default configuration for MIDI CC. You can take a look at https://github.com/pantherb/setBfree/blob/master/cfg/default.cfg#L184. My controller expect that default configuration.

This can be custom using a configuration file. And you can see that the setBfree repository provides few binding for common MIDI devices (like CX3, K2500, BCF2000, Nord Electro 5).

The Mod plugin does not provide access to that configuration. But according to the documentation, the file $HOME/.config/setBfree/config.cfg is loaded by default. So if you know how to connect to the Mod with ssh/scp, maybe you could try to create or edit this file. If you do so, my plugin will obviously not work anymore, but i don’t think you care in this case.


Got it.

But since your plugin has widget that control the setBfree value, i should then be able to MIDI learn YOUR controller’s knobs and drawbars to any actuator on my keyboard or external device, so, I should have no need to mess around with the config file.

BTW, I was able to get my hands on my dou tonight and install the controller. Unfortunately I don’t have a MIDI device around, and I cannot test it fully. i haven’t understood how the presets are supposed to work, though. I mapped the preset list to one of the knobs of the Duo, the values show on the device LCD and I can scroll them but they do not seem to refect on the plugin.

Did you check the pedalboard i have linked above? Cause the controller MIDI output obviously have to be linked to setBfree MIDI input. Also setBfree must be updated. Maybe if you have an older version it is not working (i use 2068.0-14).

Maybe you also use the lower preset instead of the global or the upper preset?

If you talk about the GUI of the controller which is not updated. I think it is normal, anyway you have linking the setBfree MIDI output to the controller MIDI input. I though is was working, but i have tested it yesterday and it is not the case.

First of all: Thank you for that controller plugin!

I am having issues thou. Only a few of the controls work for me. E.g. the drawbars, percussion.
But things like switching presets, overdrive and volume do not. I tried linking them to knobs on my Mod DWARF, but nothing changes.
Also the reverb knob seems to toggle the rotary to fast when on 12 o’clock instead of controlling the reverb.

I setup the controller and the setbfree like in the linked pedalboard. (setbfree midi out → controller midi in & controller midi out → setbfree midi in).
Only difference is that my setbfree version is 2058.0-15 (not 2086.0-14 that you mentioned). But the GUI says my version is the latest.
Could this be the issue and is there a way to get the newer version?

Some other issue that could be problems of the setbfree itself.

  • pressing the sustain pedal (CC64) only toggles from slow to fast rotary speed.
  • enabling percussion mutes the 1’ drawbar

Thanks again!

Thanks for the report.
Maybe you found a bug of this specific plugin on the MOD Dwarf. We will investigate.

EDIT. after a short investigation we came to the conclusion that the plugin may be in an old version and needs an update.


Wow. I am happy to help with testing or investigating anything.

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And we are happy to have these reports from you (and all the community) :wink: Don’t hold yourself if you find something

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Is there a plan to update the plugin?

Or can you point me to where I can find the MIDI mapping?
Creating my own using the default.cfg or default.pgm (described here) does not work.
And MIDI mapping seems to be different from the setBfree default, because Mod Wheel CC1 controls the volume and does not toggle the rotary speed.

Thanks in advance

There are plans to update the plugin yes.
Specially since it has no direct controls, so the amount of stuck to check on updates is small.
We will take care of it soon.


This plugin uses the default controls from setbfree 0.8.10.
See my PR Update setbfree to 0.8.10 by vallsv · Pull Request #64 · moddevices/mod-plugin-builder · GitHub
If setbfree is not updated youll still have inconsistencies.